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How To Be A Successful Independent Artist Like Nipsey Hussle, TechN9ne, Yo Gotti And More

F**CK A Record Deal

To make it as an independent artist takes non stop grind, calculated music marketing tactics and dedication, but it's well worth it in the end.

People see artist like Nipsey Hussle, E-40, and Tech N9ne living a lavish lifestyle, and making more money then artist on major labels, but nobody see's the behind the scenes work these artist put in day in and day out for years so now they can afford to live that lifestyle.

Tech N9ne is the definition of independent artist. He has been building Strange Music for almost 20 years now. The point is that music artist don't need a major label nowadays to make a living from their music.But it takes a certain type of person with dedication, non stop grind, and that attitude to keep going no matter how hard it gets.

After talking to thousands of independent artist who are making a good living from their music. Here are a few thing every independent artist should know if they wan to be successful

Marketing Plan

Marketing is raising awareness around your brand or product to the public, but in a non invasive way. I see alot of artist who just post their thinks all over peoples pages and tag hundreds of people in their post it might be annoying to people,but that is still a form of marketing it might not be that effective but its marketing.

If you want to get real results for your new release you can't just tag people and post links on their site that isn't going to grow your fanbase and sell your music.You need to come up with an effective marketing strategy that involves you connecting your target market and building a relationship with them.

Work Ethic And Hustle

Floyd Mayweather said it best “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” That applies to the music business to.Whether you like em are not the artist that are making money in the music game now are consistent as hell and stay on their grind. Artist like Young Dolph, Curren$y, Young Thug, Yo Gotti, and Gucci Mane all have a non stop work ethic that's how they drop so much material in one year. Gucci Mane was still dropping music consistently even when he was locked up.

If your trying to make it in the music industry you need to know from jump that it takes HARD WORK for real it's more then just making music. The same work you put into creating your mixtape or album you should put it into promoting your music, connecting with with your fans thru social media, and learing the business side of the music industry. It's non stop work 24/7

Understanding The Music Industry

This is how it works and Wedy Day the person responsible for getting Cash Money Records one of the biggerst records deal in the history of music said it best. "You have 2 choices either learn how aspect of the music business work and build your own connections are like Kevin Gates you hire a good team who already connections or experience in the business.Even if you hire a team you should still educate yourself thouroughly on how the music business works this way you understand the fundamentals of the business so nobody can pull a fast one on you.

We see it everyday an artist says they got hustled out of money from their label, but really they didn't they just didn't know what they were signing bcause they were not educated on how the business works.What they say is true Knowledge Is Power.

A Solid Team (Not a bunch of rappers)

The worse thing you can do as an independent artist is think you can do everything on your There is only 24hrs in a day so you need you a team who can handle the task that you complete.Every successful artist has a team it's mandatory.

Good people to have in your arsenal are a manager, promoter, tour manager, lawyer, and a graphic designer. Your graphic designer plays a big role on your team becasue they create all you visuals that pepople see before they hear your music, or visit your event. You need a graphic designer who specializes in creating mixtape covers and branding material for independent artist.

Release Tons Of Content

You develop a good relationship with somoene by commuunicationg with them on a regular basis right? Well, the samething applies when your trying to build your fanbase you have to commuicate with your fans if you want them to become superfans.

Unless your Eminem or Kayne West who can dissappear for 2 years and come back like they never left, your need to be creating and distributing content so you can stay intouch with your fans. Your content can be anything you recording, you with your team posted up, dice game , anything that brings them into your world.

You Need To Have Dope Music

I'm not gonna be around the bush with this one. You need have dope music point blank periord.You need something catchy, that your target market can connect with. Otherwise it won't work.
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Get A Dope Mixtape Cover Design And Get Free Music Promotion 100,000 Music Fans

Get A Dope Mixtape Cover Designed And Get Free Music Promotion

If you’re an independent music artist who is about to release a music project of course your goal is to get as much exposure to your mixtape or single as possible.Everyone assumes that it’s easier to get your music heard just because of the internet, but really it’s not. It’s not that it’s easier to get heard  it’s that there are more platforms  available for music artist to get their music heard.

You have to keep in mind that there are thousands of artist releasing music everyday so when it comes to actually getting people to listen or download your music that’s whole different story.

For one you need to get your project on as many sites as possible music is  numbers game and also you have to give new potential fans something that will make them want to press play especially if you’re trying to get new fans who have never heard your music before.

Well, here is your chance to kill 2 birds with one stone. Mixtape Cover King the king of creating custom mixtape covers , and single covers is having a special for indie artist only,if you purchase a custom mixtape cover you also receive from music promotion to 100,000 plus music fans for free from our music marketing partners.

The mixtape cover design we create you will be hi quality and compelling and it will make your project standout guaranteed, so when we do your free music promotion your artwork will be your bait to reel people in to check out the music.


If you have a mixtape cover or single coming out soon this package is for you. We will create you graphics that will brand you professionally and then get your music pushed through our music fan network.visit for details. #MixtapeCoverKing

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Custom Pendant Design For Cheap- Don't Get Your Pendant Created Until You See This

 Don't Get Ripped Off When You Purchase Custom Jewelry

Guest Post :By "Mr.32 Degrees" Da Jeweler

Getting a custom pendant is good way to show your uniqueness and/or make your brand standout .Jewelry is a valuable item and your jewelry represents you as a person and every person and brand is unique, plus you don't want to have the same jewelry on as 1000's of other people around the world, so it makes sense to get a custom pendant created.that will make you standout from everybody else.

Before you go to your local or online jeweler and get overcharged to get your custom pendant created, here are a couple of things you should take into consideration before hand,so you can get your custom pendant created for a cheap price,while still receiving the exact same quality you would get if you purchased a custom pendant design from any other small or large corporate jewelry company anywhere in the world.

 Make sure they that if your getting your pendant created from a brass or silver base that that it is triple plated and finished with at least a .5mm layer of e-coating. E-coating is a process where your jewelry is  immerssed in a bath of an electro-phoretic paint emulsinthe that adds an ultra fine transparent layer on your jewelry that protects the brass or silver so it won't tarnish. Every professional custom jewelry designer who takes pride in providing their clients with a one of a kind hi quality product that will last forvever will use the E-coating process because it make the jewelry keep it's vibrance and shine forever

Getting a custom pendant created isn't as expensive as people think, of course there are several factors like the material you use brass, silver, gold or platinum. The type of diamonds you use Si1's to lab made diamonds.But the price really depends on who your dealing with, is it a middle man company or is an actual jeweler who creates the custom pendants themselves. 80% of the sites are middlemen and the price relflects it. I've personally created custom pieces for 1,000's of clients everything from music artist,record labels, businesses, and your everyday mom and dad.

Everytime clients tell me the quotes that they get from their local jeweler in the middle of the mall or at a Kay's type jewelery store my price is at least $800-$1,000 dollars cheaper for the exact and I mean exact same custom pendant, why because they are just a middle man company so they have to outsource the work , and they have  alot of overhead from employee's, power bills etc so the price reflects all of those things.

The same thing applies to majority of the online jewelry store also when the clients tell me the quote they received compared to my price for the exact same pendant same material, diamonds, and size. and it still beat them by at least $5oo.Like I explained earlier there just a middle man like your local jeweler who outsources the work so they have to charge more because they don't get wholesale prices but their price will be less than a local jeweler becasue they don't have any overhead besides web hosting which is $9.99 a month. 

The reason why I can provide my client with the exact same item for a cheaper price is because I'm an authorized diamond dealer and jeweler so I receive all of my materials 80% below market price which allows me to give my customers a 50% cheaper rate than any local or online jeweler who is just a middle man jewelry company that doesn't create the jewelry themselves.

There is no middle man when you deal with us.Me and my trained team of jewelry designers create every piece of jewelry by hand at our factory.We understand how important it is to make sure your custom pendant comes out exactly how you envisioned it that''s why we walk you thru every part of the creation process with us step by step from creating the C.A.D design to us setting the diamonds and plating your pendant.

My team of trained jewelry designers have over 20 years of experience creating custom pendants and have created over 5,000 pendants to date so there isn't a custom design we can't make we've seen it all.

If your intersted in getting a hi quality custom pendant  with e- coating designed and developed. Let us bring your vison to life..Checkout  the video below to see our work from start to finish.
You can contact our jeweler directly

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Mixtape Cover Designer For Artist On A Tight Budget Who Need Quality Graphics

The #1 Mixtape Cover Designer For Independent Music Artist

Now that the world is using the internet to communicate and discover new music it's  gotten easier for music artist to get exposure to  thousands of music fans worldwide , but the problem now is that the internet is oversaturated with wanna be rap star, singers, and Dj's who are flooding the internet with bullshit music and low quality mixtape covers, and their are devaluing the word indie artist..

If your trying to compete with the major artist you have to present yourself  professionally just like the major artist so you don't you don't get put in that box of being just another indie artist online.
One of the main problems that I see artist have is that their mixtape cover designs or Itunes artwork are pathetic. 

I uderstand as an indie artist it gets expensive paying for studio time, beats, and graphics ,but this is a business and in order to make your brand and music standout you need good music, quality sound and top notch graphics.

If your an up and coming artist on a tight budget who needs a reliable mixtape cover designer  who can create you music industry quality graphics I would check out 

There are several graphic design companies online,but at Mixtape Cover King we specialize in ceating amazing custom mixtape cover designs,logos, and flyers from scratch for independent artist. We go above and beyond for our clients not only do we provide high quality 300dbi designs and have the lowest prices, we also have the best customer service in the game and that matters. Once you decide to get artwork from us our designer will contact within the hr to discuss your project details 

Then we take your ideas and come up with a number of creative solutions to bring your vision to life thru your cover art design. We have your design complete within 24 to 48 business hrs.Also,  if any changes are needed or you need to add something you just thought of we never charge for revsions.Our goal isn't to nickel and dime you to death like these greedy designers online.

Once we complete your design you will receive your files in 3 different formats jpeg, png, and pdf so you can use your graphics on social media, music sites, and for print. We would be happy to be your go to mixtape cover designer for all your graphic needs.

Check out a recent clients before and after mixtape design below
"Mixtape Cover Designer"


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Custom chains-This Is Why You Shouldn't Buy Brass Based Jewelry

Custom Chains And Iced Out Pendants

Don't get overcharged by one of those online jewelry companies that claims they create or sell high quality custom jewlery and really they are just selling a piece of non shiney non valuable metal. If your going to purchase a custom jewelry piece real or fake it still should be a high quality product that has micropaved set diamonds. Jewelers know the average customer doesn't know about jewelry so they try to label there products in a way that makes them seem like they are valuable and they''re not. (I mean lets be honest most people buy jewelry becasue they want something of value not junk.) For one the 18k finish jewelry craze thats going on now. Now don't get me wrong 18k is a good quality metal, but the 18k finish custom chain or pendant your purchasing is most likely brass,which is non valuable.

Watch The Video Below To See How Custom Jewelry Should Look

If your going to invest a couple of hundred in some jewelry for yourself you need to purchase something that holds value.Brass pendant tranish fast and they aren't quality.If your going to purchase a custom chain or pendant you need to make sure it has at least a silver base metal. This way you if times get hard or you just want to sell your jewelry and get something new your silver based jewelry valuable and you can get cash for it. It just doesn't make sense to by brass custom jewelry or even a brass chain even if it has a 24k finish on it  because brass has no value so your just throwing your money away.

Another Custom Pendant Designed From Scratch 

If your going to get a custom pendant or chain created I would recommend you check out these custom pendants on the link they have the lowest rates online and the highest quality product check it out for yourself here

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2016 B.E.T Awards Weekend "Music Artist Branding Package Sweepstakes

 Win $500 Dollars Worth Of Custom Graphics

If your an indepenent music artist most likely your self funded and you don't have a major label or investor who will pay for you studio time,marketing, or graphics so you have to come out of pocket and cover the expenses yourself which can be expensive as hell and some artist just can't afford it.

Well, Mixtape Cover King, (The Number 1 Mixtape Cover Designer In The World) wanted to give back to all the independent music artist around the world,and after talking with different sponsors the B.E.T Awards Weekend "Music Artist Branding Package Sweepstakes" was created.

"If you need custom graphics right now check out their portfolio here"

One lucky music artist is going to get $500 dollars worth of graphics/promotion from the #1 music graphic designer and music marketing specialist Mixtape Cover King.This branding package is gonna make  you look like the professional you are and get your exposure to music fans all over the world who are interested in your niche of music..
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Music Reviews Can Change Your Career Here Is Proof

Here is a method that is used by every publicist and record label uses that most indie artist like yourself like don’t use ,but it can get you exposure from music fans across the world fast. The method I'm talking about is getting music reviews or features on a hip hop music blog.That’s where your target audience is at and it’s the smartest way to promote your music and get it heard from music fans worldwide.

Every business needs reviews think about it, before you purchase something online you probably read reviews about the product first. It works the same way with music having other people saying your the shit especially a big music blog will make people checkout your music.Someone cosigning for you gives you credibility

I know tons of music artist who's careers took off after getting a good music review from a credible music blog, music site, or music magazine. A reputable hip hop blog with a massive following can change your music career overnight. Always make sure when you submit your music for reviews that you have a hi-quality mixtape cover or single cover design.

I’m gonna tell you how you can use a music review to get your music to the next level and show step by step how to find blogs you can be featured on.

The Importance Of A Music Review

The whole goal of a music review is to create hype around your release and get you more exposure. When you get a music review some of things they cover are your sound and style, your music background, your achievements thus far, and your future plans as an artist. The writers on the music sites will write in a way that not only create hype around your music release or tour but they will also create a story around who you are as an artist.

The exposure you get from being reviewed on a hip hop music blog will get you for fans guaranteed.The main of objective of the review is to create excitement about you and your release to the point it makes the reader want to go online and listen to your music so make sure you have your best material available for your new potential fans to hear so you can convert them into a fan. If they like what they hear most likely they will share your music on their social media sites with their friends which in return gets you even more exposure.

A good music review has the power to build a big ass buzz around your brand, sell your album, concert tickets, and merchandise. Reviews have been used for decades to build hype around and an artist project, look at Rolling Stone.

Now the music blogs run the music game and music fans and fans of the urban culture go to music sites and music blogs to get their information.The artist taking advantage of this type of marketing method are getting money.Look at artist like Slim Jesus, and Stitches they all use blogs music sites to get exposure.

Hell, Slim Jesus was on Vlad Tv for damn near 2 months straight he might suck but he is getting paid shows because he got in front of the masses and found his tribe of people that were just like him. Trust me you have people all around the world who would relate to your music, and buy your music but your problem is you don’t know reach those people. Well I’m telling you now music reviews on hip blogs and music sites.

A good review builds your credibility with the reader and with with music media outlets.For example bigger music publications won’t even consider giving you a review unless another credible music source has mentioned you.

So you want to start off with smaller hip hop blogs to start building a buzz at first and then use those reviews for leverage to get featured on the major hip hop sites.This is how music pr works!!! (It’s not hard to do this at all) Credibility is key in the music business.and music reviews build your credibility point blank period.

Another thing good thing about getting music reviews is that it helps you build your contact list of music bloggers. Once a music blog or magazine does a review on you make sure you ask them if you can contact them to for reviews on future projects and of course the answer will be yes, especially if they liked your music and they were able to create a great review around your music.

A lot of these hip hop blogs work with A&R’s, Record labels, and other music bloggers that can help you further your music career Majority of the music sites don’t have a problem giving out contact info to other music sites or magazines they network with that you could submit your epk or music to for even more exposure.

So make sure you always ask them if they know of any other music sites either ones they network with or just similar sites you could submit your music to.

*This is How Your Find Hip Hop Blogs To Submit To.- Search Google or Bing for hip hop websites that feature up and coming artist.Once you find a site or sites that you want to be featured on you need to put together a professional Epk (Electronic Press Kit) to submit to them.

In the email make sure you introduce yourself, and let them know you’ve been following their site for awhile (even if your haven’t lol) and you were interested in getting a featured review of your mixtape or single on their website.

If you have a solid epk they will be happy to feature on their site you most of the time,but keep in mind that some of these site get thousands of submission a day so they might not get back to you right away so don’t get discouraged. Just keep emailing other hip hop blogs trust me it will pay off.But don’t be mad if you send an email to a music blog trying to be featured on their site and you just say,’ “Hey check out my new song!” and you never get a response back you need to be professional.

One trick you can use to get bloggers attention is to use a music comparison in the subject line of the email.What I mean is think of an artist similar to your sound or an artist that targets the same audience your music targets and compare yourself to them.

For example the subject line would say Atlanta Artist Big Banks New single I’m Paid! A mix of Waka Flocka’s Energy with Kevin Gates wordplay. I always sent my emails with major artist comparisons in the subject line even when I worked at for the record labels and I got high response rate.
Also like I mentioned earlier you have to make sure your cover art design is professional or they might not respond to your email.
If your interested in getting blog features you can email me at

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Young Dolph's Paper Route Ent Custom Pendant

Custom Pendants have always been popular in the hip hop dating back to Big Daddy Kane. Nowadays artist don’t get the big ass dookie chains with the big ass pendants, nowadays artist are wearing multiple shorter length rope chains and franco cuban box chains 20 to 30 inches  with smaller 1 inch to 5 inch size pendants.

Wearing custom jewelry is smart marketing tool, especially as an indie artist because music fans are use to seeing their favorite artist wearing custom chains, watches, and more so when they see you wearing a custom chain or any form of custom jewelry they will  automatically put you in the  same category as their favorite artist because you look like them and have the same things they have. I know it  sounds crazy, but perception and image is everything in the music bbusiness and if you want to be treated like a star you gotta look like a star.

For example Young Dolph’s Paper Route Ent. custom jewelry piece above
The piece is  simple but stands out and it grabs your attention and is iced the hell out .

Dolph’s custom piece is 10k yellow gold 5.5 inches long and 3 inches wide with round, white, SI diamonds. You can see the chart below:

As you can see jewelry is still a big branding and marketing tool used by majority of the artist in the industry because not only does it instantly give you the superstar look it makes you stand out in the crowd. he only difference is now artist stopped going overboard rocking the big ass pendants  and they’re spending their money smarter and purchasing cheaper smaller pieces.

Another smart thing I have noticed is rappers stopped buying platinum jewelry,and there buying gold jewelry which is a smart investment because it holds value.

Do you have a logo design that you want to turn into a custom pendant so you can brand yourself just like the stars? Watch the video below.

If you need hi qaulity affordable custom jewelry clink this link

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Indie Artist Don't Work With Any Artist Or Concert Promoter Until You Read This

Learn How To Increase Your Value As An Indie Artist

As a music artist your whole goal is to build value in you and your brand. So it's mandatory that your selective on business ventures you participate in because making the wrong move can actually devalue your brand and music career.

I understand that it might be hard for you to turn down certain offers due to the fact you spent a lot of time building your brand to get to the level where promoters and other artist are presenting you with offers , but don’t giving in and taking every offer especially if it doesn’t help your brand’s image or get your music more exposure will benefit your career in the long run I know that sounds harsh, but it’s the truth at the end of the day this is a business.

Here are a couple of things you should think about so you don’t devalue your brand.

You Shouldn’t  Perform Too Much

Artist love to brag about how they’ve performed over 100 times locally and opened up for this celebrity etc an yes those are big milestones in your career but from a business prespective none of that matters if...

1. You didn’t make money from these events 

2. If you didn’t reach a new audience and get new fans. It’s not about bragging rights you need to be making money and growing your fan base point blank period.

I understand at the beginning of your music career when you’re trying to push your new mixtape or single you need to perform at as many venues as possible to not only get more exposure to your music, but to also get you more comfortable performing live on stage. But once you’ve done that you need to be picky about where, when, and who you perform with.

Once you have a buzz going and people start to recognize your music different artist and concert promoters will start to reach out to you on social media sites and start emailing you with different opportunities to do shows especially concert promoters they always have slots to fill especially in smaller areas where there isn’t an abundance of qualified talent,but rather than getting on every venue multiple times a week only participate in bigger shows  that will create a buzz for your fans and make them feel like they can’t miss your performance.

I’m not saying don’t do  shows if there not big because of course smaller cities don’t have big shows on a regular basis just make sure when you do perform its not a bs event with no buzz behind it.Also when you do decide to participate in a show for a promoter and they present you with a slot that has an artist with a smaller buzz and less talent then you make sure you tell the promoter where you should be on the bill or don’t do the show.

You should also make sure the promoter is promoting the event properly with an online/offline flyer with professional graphics etc. You should only perform at professional events and if you even get a little feeling it’s not going to turn out right don’t do it! Trust me you rather turn down a show then upset all of your fans at a janky ass show.

Fans want quality over quantity so don’t have to perform all the time just make sure  the times you have a show you give fans a show to remember and make sure you have promo material to give out or sell to fans after your performance you could sell merchandise,sell download cards for your music, pass out a sample of your single or mixtape cover art design for you next release, etc.

You need to remember less is more. Hell  even if Kevin Gates performed 3 times a week in my hometown I wouldn’t go see him all the time it would get old. Just make sure when you do perform you kill that shit and trust me it will build a buzz and fans will be  waiting to see next performance.

Creating songs with other artist on the same level as you is smart because you’re exposing yourself to a new fan base so it helps out both artist. However, there is going to be artist who just aren’t as good as you  and I know once again this sounds wrong, but you shouldn’t work with them.

You have to remember nowadays with the internet people have the ability to search for every song you’ve created the last thing you want is a fan of yours to be on Youtube and see you on a shitty song it would devalue you as an artist to them. 

So just make sure that when your working with other artist or promoters  that that they can't let someone else destroy your brand you worked so hard to build.

*If you need any hi quality graphics for any of your projects or events click here

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Promote Your Music Using The New "Reveal” Of Your Cover Art Strategy

Use This Strategy To Create A Buzz For Your Next Music Release

As the music industry continues to evolve record labels are always trying to figure out new marketing methods and ways to build a buzz around their artist music projects. The new music promotion techniques that is being used i the reveal of your mixtape or album artwork strategy. What they do is they contact music blogs with a big following and contact them to reveal the release date and cover art the artist is using for the project.

This strategy is is implemented to get fans/new potential fans talking about the  project and sharing the artwork online which starts to create a buzz for the artist project and lets fans know a video, single , or mixtape is about to drop. Unveiling your mixtape or album artwork is a smart strategy and you can use it to:

Get A Buzz Going With Press And Fans

If you have a dope hi quality mixtape cover design or single cover bloggers will eat this up because good visuals help them also by making their site look professional. But what the labels are doing they contact the top music blogs individually and getting them to do an announcement that the artist is about to release some new music.

This gives you a different way to reveal your new artwork for your release and also it allows  the artist a chance to tell the story behind the music release so they can connect with fans and build curiosity about the project and create a buzz. The bonus of doing it this way is that you will get hell of  exposure to new potential fans because the blogs share this with their readers and on all of their social media platforms.

Some of these blogs have 500,000 plus readers, that could change your music career over night. Here is a link to give you an example of what I’m talking about this  is Lil Boosie artwork reveal blog post Click Here

Generate Pre- Order Sales

It seems like every artist is on the pre order hustle. Pre order this and get exclusive tracks etc etc. Well this is related to the album artwork reveal strategy also. What some artist are doing especially Kevin Gates , and Young Thug are they do the artwork reveal and drop video after video for songs off of  the upcoming project and they  allow you to pre order the music before the release date. and you get exclusive V.I.P behind the access to the creation of the project,exclusive unreleased music, and more.

2. Build A List Fans
Another slick music marketing tactic you can use with artwork reveal technique is you can build an email list of people that not only can you market and pre sale this project to, but you can market to them forever once you have them on an email list this is a powerful tactic.

This is how Beyonce was able to sell 800,000 copies of her project with no advertising. She had a list of over 1 million names and email addresses of people who joined her email list., and she just did an email blast to that list of people and sold 800,000 plus units. The email list is one of the most powerful tools any artist or business owner can have.

Try this tactic before your next music release and you will be shocked at the results, just make sure you have custom attention grabbing cover art.
If you need a professional cover design for an affordable prices visit

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Traxnyc Alternative- Custom Hip Hop Jewelry For An Affordable Price

Get The Same Quality Custom Jewelry As Traxnyc Jewelry For A Lower Price!

Custom jewelry is one of the best marketing  tools a music artist can have when it comes to a music artist especially a rap artist. Custom makes you standout from the crowd and makes you look like money point blank period.

When you have custom jewelry it makes you look like a star why because in the music game fans relate the cars you drive and jewelry you wear to success. They don't know if those cars are rented or the jewelry is fake they just know you look larger then life and because you have the exact same things the major artist have so they assume you that your already successful are a artist in the game.

I mean think about when you see artist with custom jewelry etc the first thing you think is they got money either from music are hustling. You have to remember fans are use to seeing major artist with jewelry, money, hoes, cars ,and clothes so in order for the to look at you the same way you need to carry yourself just like the rap artist they use to following and having a custom pendant of your logo or label is the perfect way to do it.

There are a lot of sites that make custom hip hip jewelry for music artist, and their work is amazing like Traxnyc jewelry for example, but the thing is a lot places are big companies and they have a lot of overhead  so they have no choice but to make up or it on their jewelry prices.

At Mixtape Cover King  we have a team of 5 jewelry designers with over 10 years experience in creating custom pedants. Our prices our lower then anyone online and our work is top of the line you can see for yourself below step by step.  Email me at to get your custom pendant today.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

This Is Why Your Music Career Is At A Stand Stilll And This Is What You Need To Do To Fix It!

Music Artist Let This Marinate In Your Brain!

As an indie artist it’s a battle everyday to try and get more exposure for your brand being that you’re competing with thousands of other indie and major artist.

That means if you want to stand out  you need to carry and present yourself like a professional artist. Everything you do needs to be professional. If your dropping a mixtape you need to make sure you have an astonishing mixtape cover , and you need to make sure your music is mixed and mastered.

You have to look at it like this when it comes to music, potential fans are accustomed to hearing music at clubs, concerts, and on the radio which means they are use to hearing quality sound so your music has to be on the same level! Plus if you’re  trying to get Dj’s to play your music your sound has to be on point.

Also,  you have to remember every song you record doesn’t need have to be released. You should always get reviews of your music, but not from your friends (yes men) you should get them from people behind the scenes like a Dj, your producer, or you can check out music review sites online. Reviews are an excellent marketing tool because someone can make you look bigger than you can make yourself look, if you tell someone your music is the shit they might just think you’re cocky.

Here is an example of music reviews being used in the industry as a marketing tool. When your big artist are about to drop an album or single what is the first thing they say on their commercial
Rolling Stone gives B.O.B’s (or whatever artist)  single 5 stars. It’s no different with movies Siskel and Ebert give reviews on movies and the  producers of the movie use the reviews as a part of marketing tool when their promoting the movie because it’s from a credible source.

What this means is if you want people to look at you like a professional artist  you need to carry yourself just like a professional artist, and that means you have to look the part. You need  an official music website  with a dot com that’s either your artist or label name. Your site should have 3 plus professional photos, social media links, blog, bio, and mailing list.

There are too many music artist that only have a Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account, and don’t have a website and that looks bad for your brand. Plus  just like I said earlier about the professional sound its the same way with your site  music fans are use to professional  artist having a website with a dot com so you need to do the same thing!

How would you look if you got an interview with the Source a big music site and you didn’t even have a website to send your potential fan to,. I guaranteed your results wouldn’t be great. Also People can’t remember your long ass Facebook or Twitter Handle. You need a dot point blank period.

98% of  indie  artist don’t even know what a press release is let alone how to use it to get free media exposure about an  event their having, a music release, or any new milestone in their music career.

A press release is a 250  to 300 word text document that is written just for media outlets to let them know about your music release, you tour, event, or any newsworthy event that has to deal  with your brand.

So in simple terms  a  music press release is like a bulletin that gets sent to radio stations, televisions outlets, newspapers, music sites, and magazine publications that gives them just enough info to spark reporters interest so the media contact you or more information.

Anytime you’re promoting anything you should have a press release that you submit to your local news stations, newspapers, music blogs, and magazine publications related to your genre of music. Your press release needs to be intriguing so it gets journalist in the media interested i your event and they contact your for more information. Also d you need to make sure you have professional  graphics our nobody in the media will take you serious and that can hurt you in the long run..The whole key is to make it simple for people in the press to write about you.

Even if you don’t get coverage the first time you submit it doesn’t matter it’s a process and once they start seeing your email pop up with different press release they will reply trust me. Normally most artist or let me say labels use a in house Pr team to get press coverage or their artist this is mandatory in the music business and nowadays with the internet it can get you in front of thousands.

Hiring a pr team can be expensive as hell, but don’t get me wrong it’s worth it once you get to that level, but until then you can easily get your own press release created by a professional and save a lot of money.

Just google some of your favorite and see what they’re doing you will see they all have websites, press releases, music website features, interviews, etc. You need to do the same thing if you want to get the same results as those artist.Start branding yourself correctly, get a website, and start using press releases every time you have a milestone in your career and submitting it to press outlets and watch your career go to new heights. All it takes is one big blog to pick up your story and you they will get your music to thousands of music fans and it will take your music career to the next level.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Artist Promotion=- Don't Release Any Music Until You Read This Shit!

Artist Promotion That Works

Here are 5 things that every music artist needs to do and focus on before they release any music if your trying to build a real fan base and turn your music into a paying career.

1.You need a blog and a YouTube channel . Your blog is your journal of your journey/story and you want to document it from start to finish. You want your fans to be apart of the whole process so you should document everything step by step. For example you could be like Day 1 working on the mixtape to day 2 I’m picking out beats from my producer for my mixtape. To it's day 30 and I  just finished the mixtape and it's dropping in  2 weeks on Livemixtapes.

There are a ton of things you can post on your blog to keep people engaged you can post about features and production on your project and more. Just break everything down piece by piece and you will shocked when you see how much content have.

As far as YouTube goes just like how you’re doing the blog post updating people on every step of the process you want to do the same thing with your YouTube channel. You want to record yourself in the studio recording, writing a song, picking out beats, or collaborating with other artist, etc.

You should do short  engaging videos on YouTube and this will grab people and bring them into your world. film yourself in the studio, creating your songs, film yourself collaborating with other artist just make sure your post short videos on a regular basis.

2.A Professional Music Graphic Designer Resource-. I see so many artist that have bullshit graphics and it doesn’t make any damn sense because it give potential fans the wrong impression about your music and your brand.

I’m gonna ask you a quick question. When you go to a venue to perform and you have to decide what your going to wear to the show do your pick out an outfit that  represents your personality, style, and makes you stand out from everybody or do you pick out a mediocre cheap looking outfit? I already know the answer you said your best outfit.

Well, you need to look at your mixtape cover or whatever kind of artwork you’re getting created like it’s your outfit and make sure it represents your music  the right way and makes your projects and brand standout

Your artwork needs to be on point I don't know how many times I go on sites like Livemixtapes looking for new music and I see artist with a half ass mixtape cover and I just skip over there
project and I click on whoever has the catchiest title and the best artwork.

Hell those are the only two options you have unless your looking for a specific artists mixtape. So what I'm getting at is don't have people skip over your music just because your mixtape cover design art is terrible. You have to make sure you have dope mixtape cover graphics if you want to new fans to pay attention to your music.

“ If you need a professional graphic designer with low prices and a fast turnaround Click Here


3. Untagged Beats-, the shit is annoying as hell!  Sometime you can’t even hear the artist lyrics when the tagline comes in because it drowns out the vocals. It gets on everyone's nerves and it shows people your a cheap artist who doesn't take his craft serious. Also it don't cost shit to lease a beat ,so you have to stop being cheap if your trying to do this music shit for real.

4 Professional Recording Studio- Now don't get me wrong nowadays with technology you can get your music mastered at your homeboy's studio if he has the correct plugins and knows to make his recording sound professional, crisp, leveled, and clean.If you don't know someone who has professional equipment you can send it off to companies like Patchwerk Studios and get it
mixed and mastered.

Yes you have to spend money ,but really it's not spending money it's investing money in yourself that you can make back on the backend once you start pushing your music. Look at it like this every mixtape or single you drop act like you’re recording the song to give to P Diddy what would he say ? Lol

If you want to be looked a and treated like the major stars you have to do the same things they do and they go to professional studios. If you want to put yourself in the same category as the elite it only make sense to do what they do.

5.You Need A Budget- .It kills me how so many artist spend money on their beats, artwork, and mixing and mastering just to post their project on Facebook and whatever music site they're releasing their mixtape on. Honestly that's like buying a car and not putting gas in it, your project is the car and your marketing is the gas that makes the car move

You need to have a budget set aside to market your music. Don't get intimidated when you  hear budget and start thinking I’m talking about investing  hundreds or thousands on your project and that’s not the case at all .

Nowadays with internet and sites like Facebook you can promote your music to your target market all across the world for pennies a day,.$10 dollars a week can get your music in front of 3,000-5,0000 music fans per week and you can decide what city, age group etc to promote to.

A couple other things you can do to promote your music is you can get a music press release created for your release and submit it to music blogs to review your music and feature you on their sites that’s the easiest way to go viral and get  in front of thousands if not millions of people fast.

Apply these five things to next time you release a project and you will get results guaranteed.