Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Custom Pendant Design For Cheap- Don't Get Your Pendant Created Until You See This

 Don't Get Ripped Off When You Purchase Custom Jewelry

Guest Post :By "Mr.32 Degrees" Da Jeweler

Getting a custom pendant is good way to show your uniqueness and/or make your brand standout .Jewelry is a valuable item and your jewelry represents you as a person and every person and brand is unique, plus you don't want to have the same jewelry on as 1000's of other people around the world, so it makes sense to get a custom pendant created.that will make you standout from everybody else.

Before you go to your local or online jeweler and get overcharged to get your custom pendant created, here are a couple of things you should take into consideration before hand,so you can get your custom pendant created for a cheap price,while still receiving the exact same quality you would get if you purchased a custom pendant design from any other small or large corporate jewelry company anywhere in the world.

 Make sure they that if your getting your pendant created from a brass or silver base that that it is triple plated and finished with at least a .5mm layer of e-coating. E-coating is a process where your jewelry is  immerssed in a bath of an electro-phoretic paint emulsinthe that adds an ultra fine transparent layer on your jewelry that protects the brass or silver so it won't tarnish. Every professional custom jewelry designer who takes pride in providing their clients with a one of a kind hi quality product that will last forvever will use the E-coating process because it make the jewelry keep it's vibrance and shine forever

Getting a custom pendant created isn't as expensive as people think, of course there are several factors like the material you use brass, silver, gold or platinum. The type of diamonds you use Si1's to lab made diamonds.But the price really depends on who your dealing with, is it a middle man company or is an actual jeweler who creates the custom pendants themselves. 80% of the sites are middlemen and the price relflects it. I've personally created custom pieces for 1,000's of clients everything from music artist,record labels, businesses, and your everyday mom and dad.

Everytime clients tell me the quotes that they get from their local jeweler in the middle of the mall or at a Kay's type jewelery store my price is at least $800-$1,000 dollars cheaper for the exact and I mean exact same custom pendant, why because they are just a middle man company so they have to outsource the work , and they have  alot of overhead from employee's, power bills etc so the price reflects all of those things.

The same thing applies to majority of the online jewelry store also when the clients tell me the quote they received compared to my price for the exact same pendant same material, diamonds, and size. and it still beat them by at least $5oo.Like I explained earlier there just a middle man like your local jeweler who outsources the work so they have to charge more because they don't get wholesale prices but their price will be less than a local jeweler becasue they don't have any overhead besides web hosting which is $9.99 a month. 

The reason why I can provide my client with the exact same item for a cheaper price is because I'm an authorized diamond dealer and jeweler so I receive all of my materials 80% below market price which allows me to give my customers a 50% cheaper rate than any local or online jeweler who is just a middle man jewelry company that doesn't create the jewelry themselves.

There is no middle man when you deal with us.Me and my trained team of jewelry designers create every piece of jewelry by hand at our factory.We understand how important it is to make sure your custom pendant comes out exactly how you envisioned it that''s why we walk you thru every part of the creation process with us step by step from creating the C.A.D design to us setting the diamonds and plating your pendant.

My team of trained jewelry designers have over 20 years of experience creating custom pendants and have created over 5,000 pendants to date so there isn't a custom design we can't make we've seen it all.

If your intersted in getting a hi quality custom pendant  with e- coating designed and developed. Let us bring your vison to life..Checkout  the video below to see our work from start to finish.
You can contact our jeweler directly MixtapeCoverKingz@gmail.com


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