Monday, July 29, 2013

Rap Mixtape Covers

Rap Mixtape Covers That Demand Attention!

The music game has changes thanks to the internet and nowadays everybody and they mama is a rapper lol. I'm not knocking it but there is so many people who do it just to do it and not from the heart.The thing that sucks is that with so many rappers nowadys that don't take there craft seriously they mess it up for the artist who do.

Now as an artist you have no choice but to go the extra mile to standout and brand yourself as a professional with so many people trying to get in the game you have to Standout, remember you only get 1 first impression so make sure all of your mixtape graphic design is on point and it demands attention.

Don't settle for less when it comes to your rap mixtape cover artwork, you put all your time and energy in to making hit records you need a hit cover to match it, your cover artwork is like your outfit you don't put on a half ass outfit when you go out to the club your put on your best outfit thats how you need to look at your mixtape cover design also it speaks for you. If your looking for a hi def jaw dropping mixtape cover design from a reputable company with a 24 to 48hr turnaround visit The provide  unlimited revisions so they will make however many changes if any until they get the exact feel your looking for. visit

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mixtape Distribution

Mixtape Distribution

Mixtape distribution is mandatory nowadays to get your music heard by the masses.You can't just post your music links on facebook to the same group of friends list over and over and expect to get different results it just won't happen.
There are hundreds of mixtape sites online that have tons of visitors everyday who come to their site just to download music so as an artist it's mandatory that you have your music on all these sites to take advantage of all the listeners and get your music heard.

With so many knock off mixtape sites online claiming they get thousands of visitors a day and they really don't  its hard to determine which mixtape sites you should actually upload your mixtape to.

The mixtape distribution guide has done all the hard work for I mean your an artist you don't have hours to waste doing internet research when you can be marking a hit record.The mixtape distribution has the top 70 mixtape sites on the web today and the combined traffic of these site is over 300,000 visitors a month.The mixtape distribution guide is mandatory for any artist trying to get their music in front of the masses.Yeah you can go online and pay someone to distribute your mixtape for you, but the smarter way is to get the guide and you control where you upload your  mixtape and you can use it over and over again for every mixtape you drop and you won't have to keep paying someone over and over for something you can easily do yourself.Get the mixtape distribution guide and get your mixtape to the world just click the link below.
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mixtape Cover Printing With Free Shipping

Mixtape Cover Printing

   Now that your mixtape cover is completed now it time to bring your mixtape design to life. With our mixtape cover printing service not only do we provide wholesale printing prices  we also only print on the best high quality cardstock that make all your graphics and colors stand out.

You can't get a high quality cover design and get it printed on regular cardstock that defeats the whole purpose of even getting a high quality cover in the first place.You need to have your mixtape cover printed on at least 16pt cardstock and with a gloss coat on it so your design pops

At Mixtape Cover King we provide Free shipping on all of our mixtape cover printing projects and we have the cheapest rates on the web with the highest quality printing service.

Mixtape Design

Get A Mixtape Design That Demands Attention

As a newcomer in the business, you need something to make people recognize your existence. Therefore, one easiest way to make them look at you is using the best mixtape design. You cannot win the fierce competition if you only rely on your talent and your appearance. Using the right strategies is also important for the newcomer. Do not hesitate to hire professional in designing your mixtape cover. It is really worth to spend the amount of money for this. There are some advantages of having one of a kind mixtape design for the cover of your very first album. Look at them one by one.

What is the relation between mixtape design and your popularity? At first, you have to know that people still judge the book by its cover. It means that they also look at your album by its physical appearance. A bland and average cover cannot catch buyers’ attention easily. Therefore, you need unique and dare to be different mixtape design. If you do not have the talent in designing, you are suggested to hire the pro. It is for sure that you can get the best result for your album’s cover. When the buyers recognize your album, they tend to have more attention to your album.

Next, the mixtape design is also related with the selling rate. You do not want to buy something boring, right? Therefore, it is a must for you to have a creative cover that cannot be compared with the other artists. It is not that difficult to get the best mixtape design. Do not think that hiring the designer is useless. Think that from the bright side. You can get all the popularity and money from the selling rate because of the awesome design. Therefore, the money spent for the design is  your investment. 

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