Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mixtape Distribution

Mixtape Distribution

Mixtape distribution is mandatory nowadays to get your music heard by the masses.You can't just post your music links on facebook to the same group of friends list over and over and expect to get different results it just won't happen.
There are hundreds of mixtape sites online that have tons of visitors everyday who come to their site just to download music so as an artist it's mandatory that you have your music on all these sites to take advantage of all the listeners and get your music heard.

With so many knock off mixtape sites online claiming they get thousands of visitors a day and they really don't  its hard to determine which mixtape sites you should actually upload your mixtape to.

The mixtape distribution guide has done all the hard work for I mean your an artist you don't have hours to waste doing internet research when you can be marking a hit record.The mixtape distribution has the top 70 mixtape sites on the web today and the combined traffic of these site is over 300,000 visitors a month.The mixtape distribution guide is mandatory for any artist trying to get their music in front of the masses.Yeah you can go online and pay someone to distribute your mixtape for you, but the smarter way is to get the guide and you control where you upload your  mixtape and you can use it over and over again for every mixtape you drop and you won't have to keep paying someone over and over for something you can easily do yourself.Get the mixtape distribution guide and get your mixtape to the world just click the link below.
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  1. Thanks for your better information.I was in confusion about this way of downloading and posting are.Thanks for providing mixtape promotion and distribution guideline.