Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How To Find A Trustworthy Professional Mixtape Cover Designer

Are you tired of trying to find a professional music graphic designer who can create custom logos,mixtape covers,single covers,flyers,or whatever type of design you need for your project that are music industry quality ,but affordable at the same time?

There are thousands of mixtape cover designers, and music graphic designers online.So it’s easy to find a designer to create your graphics the problem is making sure your not working wit a scam artist who is either going to keep your money or create you a low quality design even though they’ve told you they create high quality designs.

When your’re looking for a mixtape cover designer online there are a couple of things you have to take into consideration before you hire a designer.

Communication And Response Time

Most likely if you found the designer online then most likely they live in a different state then you do, so you need to make sure that have verifiable contact info.

You need to work with a designer who you can email, text or call and receive a fast response from that let’s you know that they’re real,and they respond  their customers in a timely matter.

Professional And Extensive Portfolio 

Second,Any real music graphic designer will have a professional portfolio showcasing graphics created for some of their clients, from custom mixtape cover designs ,party flyers etc. 

Also you want to make sure they have more the 10 examples.You need someone who has worked with all types of clients and has been business for awhile this shows you there work is versatile and that they obviously provide quality work and their not a fly by night company.  

Also make sure they don’t charge you to make changes on a cover you already paid for.A real designer real provide unlimited revisions with their work and a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.  

Signs Of A Professional Graphic Designers

They’re easy to get in contact with.They provide you with not only their email address,but they also give your their cell/business number so you can call them or text them at anytime,and the good designers always respond back within the hr.

A well rounded music graphic designer can create custom artwork for any genre of music so it doesn’t matter if you create rap music,R&B,country,heavy metal,or Edm they should be able to take your vision and bring it life.

You can’t just have a regular graphic designer handle your music graphics they are use to creating designs for small businesses and corporations not musicians. For example you don’t want someone who doesn’t know about rap music creating your Trap cover..

They Should Provide A Quick Turnaround Time On Their Designs.

Once you purchase your design you should receive confirmation from your designer within 30 minutes to an hr to confirm your payment and go over your project details.Then the designer should have your single cover,logo, mixtape cover,or flyer finished within 1-2 days.
You Should Never Pay For Changes.They Provide Unlimited Changes For Free 
A real designer takes pride in their work and their not going to try to charge you for changes and nickel and dime you to death.They’re going to offer you as many changes as you want until the design is exactly how you want without charging you a penny.They rather have a satisfied customer then try to make a couple dollars and lose a life long client.
If you need a real designer that can create you hi-quality graphics for an affordable price Click Here.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Professional Logo Designer For Musicians

Why You Need A Professional Logo Design
Do you own a company or a business? Are you looking for means which will help your business or company to be well known? It’s mandatory for you to have a logo design that will brand your company professionally. As we all know, competition is everywhere and there is no doubt you are looking for clients each day. Without having a good plan on how you will take your business, company or even your music industry to another level, you are not going to make any impact in the field that you have ventured into.
There are many companies whom you can use to brand your business but again there are some factors that you have to consider. One of the factors that you have to consider is the history of the company. How long has the company been  providing logo design services and do they have a big portfolio of clients they’ve done services for before, this just lets you know they work with alot of clients and lets you get an idea of the different type of designs they can create.. The fact is that, you need quality designers who will come up with something that will resemble what you have and will attract clients. Yes, this is what you need and  at Mixtape Cover Kings, we will help you by creating you a high quality   logo design.

Why you Should This designers

There are many designers in the market but you have to choose carefully because majority of them are after money and not helping their clients. At Mixtape Cover Kings, we do everything from scratch. We never rush things. we have 3 versions of logo designs which you can choose from and our designers using their experience, will have to design it till it fits your expectations. If you need any correction made, we’re ready to do that until you get the exact look you want to  brand your company.
A high quaity  logo design is mandatory for your music brand and  business.Your logo is the face of your company and when you have an amazing catchy design people will remember you  guaranteed. In most cases we have a 24 to 48hr turnaround on our logo design. As we stated early before, we are not limited to revisions. We do ensure our customers are satisfied because they are our priority. So, feel free to ask for more revisions the way you want. We will do that again and again till you get what you want.
Our designers have got experience unlike the new designers who are in the industry  just to make money off of  clients. Our designers have been doing this for more than 10 years now and the experience they have is enough to give you that perfect logo design. They understand the trends in the market and how they will make your company have an impact in a positive way..We do not do bs work like other designers who do not do work as per their clients expectations. We always value our clients wish.
Another reason to why you should work with our designers is because our rates are affordable. I know you might be wondering or you might be worried that we will charge you highly. Oh No! Come and talk to us, we understand you might not have the cash but we assure you that we will agree. We are never tough on our clients, we treat our clients with honest they deserve. We do so because we believe it is one way of having a good business relationship between us and our clients. It has enabled us to have good ties with many businesses and companies too.
What to expect from us
You always have expectations when you want to brand your business or company. One of the expectations is to have that quality logo design that will help you stand out. That is what you should expect from us and we guarantee you that.
Expect to have positive results from the work that will be done by our designers which is standing out of others. This is one of the major goals that we focus on. We know it is one of your goals and therefore if you achieve the goal, we on our side, we have also achieved our as well.
Expect to work with experts who are accommodating. They are open to any suggestions and also they will have to give your professional advice from the experience they have. This is because it is something that they have been doing.
If you have any questions or anything, feel free to contact us using the live button below on the bottom right hand corner and we will be glad to help you. We look forward to working with you. Come to us and let us brand your business with that stunning logo design. We also create amazing mixtape covers and single covers Checkout our work here

Sunday, November 8, 2015

How To Get A Record Deal And Not Get Fucked Over

It's funny how artist  say fuck a record deal and how you need to be independent but as soon a they get a chance to get a record deal they they sign a contract.Why? Because all record deals aren't bad it's what you negotiate and what level your at when the labels approach you.The whole goal is to have your own label already and then you have the label handle the music distribution side of things because they already have all the connections and they know where to put your music to hit your target market.Hell even  P.Diddy has his Bad Boy Ent label signed to a major label.

Here are 3 things that you can do that will make the major labels come to you to try and try to sign yo every indie artist who is big right now is using this exact same strategy.Why? Because it works..

1. This is the easy part.Make sure you have all the main social media sites Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Google Plus,Reddit Music.All these sites rank high in Google and get crawled multiple times a day and they will get your brand name indexed in the search engines fast so your searchable on Google.

Also have your music on these music sites Soundcloud,AudioMack,Reverbnation,and Hot New Hip Hop.These free sites allow you to upload your music for free and they receive alot of traffic and will get you exposure from music fans world wide. and these are sites that labels go to looking for talent.

Finally make sure you have your own website even if its a free site from So many artist fail to have there own website and it is one of your most powerful marketing tools.It allows you to have control of the users experience, build a list , sell your products, get shows booked  and  more.So get you a website today with your label name or rap name as the .com .

2.Radio promotion- Get your mixtape cover or album cover created for a visual to tease fans with and create a buzz.Then findout what song your gonna push as your single of that project and find you a radio promoter who works with your type of music . For example if your a rapper you could go to Google and type in urban music radio promoter and you will get the a list of companies that work with your genre of music.

The good thing about a radio promoter is they already have a relationship with all the program music directors and the Dj's and they can get your music played on the biggest radio stations in the world. A radio promoter will know where your target market is and will get your music played in the right regions. Honestly I think the smartest campaign for a rap artist would be to run a Sirius Satellite radio campaign and get your music on Hip Hop Nation,and Shade 45 they have over 20 million listeners a month and they break artist point blank period.

3.Contact Promoters And Book Shows.- The good thing about a radio promo campaign is that everything is tracked so you will know what areas your music got exposure in, so you know what areas to contact to book shows in.For example you got  a promo package that will get your single played 20,000 times total between at all the top hip hop radio stations in Miami

.Being that you can track all the areas where your songs were played and requested the most and then your management can just  get in contact with promoters in those areas and tell them your having a tour and they won't hesitate to book a show with you because they heard you on the radio multiple times and they know they everyone in the area has heard your music because they've heard your music all over the place.

Trust me if you follow these steps you will naturally create your own buzz and record labels will be blowing your phone up.Just make sure you don't do a 360 deal and just utilize them for distribution.