Saturday, February 27, 2016

Secret Music Industry Music Promotion Strategies Exposed!

I know as an artist  you wonder why and how some artist make it the music business and you have better music than they do. Well, as we all know it takes money to make money so for 1 these artist are investing in themselves and that’s mandatory to make it in the new digital music business if you want to take advantage of the platforms online that can get you in front of millions of music fans.

So now that we got that out the way let’s get to the real shit that’s gonna help you get real exposure for your brand and music. Well, the reason why you see these artist all over the internet isn’t because they’re the best rapper it’s because run a  digital press campaign.

Digital PR music campaign is when you mix old school Pr with search, social media and content marketing. A digital pr campaign turns your news into conversation on the web and cuts out the  media and marketing, social media and search: transforming static news into conversations and speaks directly to the target  audience you’re trying to market your music to.
Online news spreads like wildfire if it’s compelling and it allows indie artist the ability to get exposure on a whole new level and make their music go viral.

When you run a digital pr campaign you are going to get features on music blog sites, music reviews, interviews and more. One thing you have to make sure you have is high quality artwork. It doesn’t matter if its your mixtape cover design, single or whatever it has to be eye catching. A digital press campaign dam near brainwashes music fans with your music and brand plus it gives you credibility when people see you all over major hip hop site

Music fans always assume artist on these sites because their music is so good. WRONG.They invested in their career. Digital press campaign run for about 3-6 months and can easily get you book for shows, song placements and more.

Hiring Radio Promoters--The radio promoter is a middleman between the artist and the stations  radio programmers. A radio promoter has relationship with all the radio station that matter. They of course only target radio stations that play your genre of music and they work out beneficial deals for the radio station and the artist to get airplay on that station. If need be a promoter will also put together a free merchandise package and press kits for artist to submit to the stations which is a smart idea being that they already work with the programmer at the station and he knows exactly what they want from an artist..

Music Reviews- Another slick marketing tool they use in the industry to create a big buzz about their artist project is music reviews. One again you have to make sure you cover art is professional or music review sites won’t give you the time of day so make sure you have amazing graphics.

I know you hear they saying somebody else can me you look bigger then you can make yourself. Think about it before a project comes out you always hear  for example Rolling Stone gave this album 4 stars and says its the realest music so far of 2016.It gives your project credibility because credible resources are vouching for you. Of course as an indie artist Rolling Stone isn’t going to review your music until you get a big buzz, but their all thousands of music sites online that get thousands of visitors daily and they will review and post about your music on their sites. That can easily get you in front of thousands if not millions of music fans fast.

If your an artist looking for an exact music promotion release formula I suggest you check out the Music Industry Music Release Formula. It gives you a step by step guide they shows you how to get placed on the top music blogs and music sites. It also provide a copy an paste template for artist to use to submit to the sites so their is no guesswork on their end A Pr company would charge thousands to do what is provided in this simple guide. Plus you can apply this to every music release you have without ever having to hire a music publicist.
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Sunday, February 14, 2016

How To Indirectly Persuade Music Fans Into Listening To Your Dam Music

Music Marketing Mind Control

As  an unsigned rap artist, singer, or dj your main objective should trying figure out what you can do to standout from every other artist. There are thousands of music blogs and mixtape sites online releasing new artist music every second. You have to make sure that potential fans not only notice your brand and your music, but you have to make sure they remember your brand and music and it gets stuck in their head.

That's why your graphics are so important not only do your graphics play a major role in your overall branding, but your graphics are also  an important marketing tool. They are the first thing a potential fan sees before they get a chance to hear your mixtape, single, or album, so it’s mandatory that you have music industry quality artwork. that is appealing to the eye and demands attention.  You  don’t want to spend all  your time and money recording a project that will never get heard that doesn’t make sense. You need creative artwork that paints a picture in peoples mind  and entices the to click on your music  people click to listen to your music.

Don’t sell yourself short and get some ok or mediocre artwork from one of your homeboys just because said he would do it for dirt cheap or for free. You need a professional graphic designer who specializes in creating hi-quality custom music graphics like mixtape covers, single covers, album covers, logos, flyers or whatever kind of music artwork you need.

Having creative custom cover art can easily generate you new fans. Just think about all of these thousands of music sites artist can post their music on. Unless you already know the artist name you’re looking for the only way to determine who’s music you should check out is the by going off of the artist name and the cover art design.

As you can see  your graphics can actually make or break your project.Trying to save a couple dollars now will cost you big money on the back end.

penancefront (1).jpg

Above  is an example of a mixtape cover design that uses the less is more technique and the artwork is dope as hell!  I mean dam a herring bone noose chain . This project released using this cover had over 25,470 plays, now I can’t sit here and say all the plays are because of the artwork,  but I do know the 2 previous  projects released by the artist only received 2,340 views combined.

You’re trying to get your music heard by as many people as possible right? Then make sure you have professional 300dbi quality cover art for all of your music projects and I guarantee  your cover will  grab people’s eyeballs right out their sockets lol no ,but really it will make people pay attention and your plays will increase.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Music Artist Learn 3 Things That Will GUARANTEE You Shit On Your Compeition

3 Things That Will Make People Pay Attention To Your Music

The music business is oversaturated with artist ,but yet and still you see new artist breaking into the business on a regular basis and  why is that? They figured out how to make their brand and music stand out from the pack.

How are 3 things every artist should focus on to guarantee they stand out from every. other music artist

1.Your Story: Having a compelling story is one of the most effective music marketing tools an artist can have. Your bio allows potential fans  to connect with you on a personal level and a good story will make you standout from other musicians, and will make people remember your music and your brand.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
That’s why your story is so important, you want people to know your triumphs, struggles, musical achievements, etc. Majority of the people in the world go through the same type of situations of course some peoples are worse, but when person has been down the same road as you they can instantly connect with you. So make sure your bio is authentic and connects with your fans on a emotional level.

2. Your Graphics- If you go on the any music site or mixtape site you will see that majority of the  rap artist have terrible low quality graphics that aren’t appealing to the eye. I understand you want to try to save as much money as possible being that you’re an independent artist, but there are some things you have to spend money on when you’re building a business and that’s your graphics.

Your logo, mixtape cover, album cover, flyers, and web design need to be professional and represent your brand the right way. So make sure you have a budget set aside to invest in a quality graphic designer if you want people to pay attention to your music project, you have to grab their dam attention and having an unprofessional artwork will just make potential fans skip over your music and move on the next artist.  

3.Your Live Performance-Music fans go to live shows for one reason...To have a great time and have an experience they’re remember and it’s your job to give them that as an artist. You always have to put your fans first, and remember people don’t come to your show just to listen to your music they could do that at home or in their car they want to be entertained.

So make sure your performance set isn’t just a bunch of your songs playing back to back make your performance personal. For example before one of your hit singles comes on you can have the Dj cut the music out before the song starts so you can talk to the audience personally and tell them what you were going through when you made the song.

When you do little personal things like that throughout your show it let’s your audience connect with you on a completely different level and that’s what will convert them into super fans. So make sure you pour your heart out every time you hit that stage and give your fans a show they can remember and trust me the venues and promoters will start contacting you and your management team.