Saturday, February 27, 2016

Secret Music Industry Music Promotion Strategies Exposed!

I know as an artist  you wonder why and how some artist make it the music business and you have better music than they do. Well, as we all know it takes money to make money so for 1 these artist are investing in themselves and that’s mandatory to make it in the new digital music business if you want to take advantage of the platforms online that can get you in front of millions of music fans.

So now that we got that out the way let’s get to the real shit that’s gonna help you get real exposure for your brand and music. Well, the reason why you see these artist all over the internet isn’t because they’re the best rapper it’s because run a  digital press campaign.

Digital PR music campaign is when you mix old school Pr with search, social media and content marketing. A digital pr campaign turns your news into conversation on the web and cuts out the  media and marketing, social media and search: transforming static news into conversations and speaks directly to the target  audience you’re trying to market your music to.
Online news spreads like wildfire if it’s compelling and it allows indie artist the ability to get exposure on a whole new level and make their music go viral.

When you run a digital pr campaign you are going to get features on music blog sites, music reviews, interviews and more. One thing you have to make sure you have is high quality artwork. It doesn’t matter if its your mixtape cover design, single or whatever it has to be eye catching. A digital press campaign dam near brainwashes music fans with your music and brand plus it gives you credibility when people see you all over major hip hop site

Music fans always assume artist on these sites because their music is so good. WRONG.They invested in their career. Digital press campaign run for about 3-6 months and can easily get you book for shows, song placements and more.

Hiring Radio Promoters--The radio promoter is a middleman between the artist and the stations  radio programmers. A radio promoter has relationship with all the radio station that matter. They of course only target radio stations that play your genre of music and they work out beneficial deals for the radio station and the artist to get airplay on that station. If need be a promoter will also put together a free merchandise package and press kits for artist to submit to the stations which is a smart idea being that they already work with the programmer at the station and he knows exactly what they want from an artist..

Music Reviews- Another slick marketing tool they use in the industry to create a big buzz about their artist project is music reviews. One again you have to make sure you cover art is professional or music review sites won’t give you the time of day so make sure you have amazing graphics.

I know you hear they saying somebody else can me you look bigger then you can make yourself. Think about it before a project comes out you always hear  for example Rolling Stone gave this album 4 stars and says its the realest music so far of 2016.It gives your project credibility because credible resources are vouching for you. Of course as an indie artist Rolling Stone isn’t going to review your music until you get a big buzz, but their all thousands of music sites online that get thousands of visitors daily and they will review and post about your music on their sites. That can easily get you in front of thousands if not millions of music fans fast.

If your an artist looking for an exact music promotion release formula I suggest you check out the Music Industry Music Release Formula. It gives you a step by step guide they shows you how to get placed on the top music blogs and music sites. It also provide a copy an paste template for artist to use to submit to the sites so their is no guesswork on their end A Pr company would charge thousands to do what is provided in this simple guide. Plus you can apply this to every music release you have without ever having to hire a music publicist.
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