Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Artist Promotion=- Don't Release Any Music Until You Read This Shit!

Artist Promotion That Works

Here are 5 things that every music artist needs to do and focus on before they release any music if your trying to build a real fan base and turn your music into a paying career.

1.You need a blog and a YouTube channel . Your blog is your journal of your journey/story and you want to document it from start to finish. You want your fans to be apart of the whole process so you should document everything step by step. For example you could be like Day 1 working on the mixtape to day 2 I’m picking out beats from my producer for my mixtape. To it's day 30 and I  just finished the mixtape and it's dropping in  2 weeks on Livemixtapes.

There are a ton of things you can post on your blog to keep people engaged you can post about features and production on your project and more. Just break everything down piece by piece and you will shocked when you see how much content have.

As far as YouTube goes just like how you’re doing the blog post updating people on every step of the process you want to do the same thing with your YouTube channel. You want to record yourself in the studio recording, writing a song, picking out beats, or collaborating with other artist, etc.

You should do short  engaging videos on YouTube and this will grab people and bring them into your world. film yourself in the studio, creating your songs, film yourself collaborating with other artist just make sure your post short videos on a regular basis.

2.A Professional Music Graphic Designer Resource-. I see so many artist that have bullshit graphics and it doesn’t make any damn sense because it give potential fans the wrong impression about your music and your brand.

I’m gonna ask you a quick question. When you go to a venue to perform and you have to decide what your going to wear to the show do your pick out an outfit that  represents your personality, style, and makes you stand out from everybody or do you pick out a mediocre cheap looking outfit? I already know the answer you said your best outfit.

Well, you need to look at your mixtape cover or whatever kind of artwork you’re getting created like it’s your outfit and make sure it represents your music  the right way and makes your projects and brand standout

Your artwork needs to be on point I don't know how many times I go on sites like Livemixtapes looking for new music and I see artist with a half ass mixtape cover and I just skip over there
project and I click on whoever has the catchiest title and the best artwork.

Hell those are the only two options you have unless your looking for a specific artists mixtape. So what I'm getting at is don't have people skip over your music just because your mixtape cover design art is terrible. You have to make sure you have dope mixtape cover graphics if you want to new fans to pay attention to your music.

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3. Untagged Beats-, the shit is annoying as hell!  Sometime you can’t even hear the artist lyrics when the tagline comes in because it drowns out the vocals. It gets on everyone's nerves and it shows people your a cheap artist who doesn't take his craft serious. Also it don't cost shit to lease a beat ,so you have to stop being cheap if your trying to do this music shit for real.

4 Professional Recording Studio- Now don't get me wrong nowadays with technology you can get your music mastered at your homeboy's studio if he has the correct plugins and knows to make his recording sound professional, crisp, leveled, and clean.If you don't know someone who has professional equipment you can send it off to companies like Patchwerk Studios and get it
mixed and mastered.

Yes you have to spend money ,but really it's not spending money it's investing money in yourself that you can make back on the backend once you start pushing your music. Look at it like this every mixtape or single you drop act like you’re recording the song to give to P Diddy what would he say ? Lol

If you want to be looked a and treated like the major stars you have to do the same things they do and they go to professional studios. If you want to put yourself in the same category as the elite it only make sense to do what they do.

5.You Need A Budget- .It kills me how so many artist spend money on their beats, artwork, and mixing and mastering just to post their project on Facebook and whatever music site they're releasing their mixtape on. Honestly that's like buying a car and not putting gas in it, your project is the car and your marketing is the gas that makes the car move

You need to have a budget set aside to market your music. Don't get intimidated when you  hear budget and start thinking I’m talking about investing  hundreds or thousands on your project and that’s not the case at all .

Nowadays with internet and sites like Facebook you can promote your music to your target market all across the world for pennies a day,.$10 dollars a week can get your music in front of 3,000-5,0000 music fans per week and you can decide what city, age group etc to promote to.

A couple other things you can do to promote your music is you can get a music press release created for your release and submit it to music blogs to review your music and feature you on their sites that’s the easiest way to go viral and get  in front of thousands if not millions of people fast.

Apply these five things to next time you release a project and you will get results guaranteed.

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