Thursday, May 29, 2014

Professional Mixtape Covers And Musician Branding

Why Artwork and Quality Mixtape Covers are Essential to Success in Showbiz
There are three main ingredients to being a successful musician in today’s competitive and digitalized world: Good music, Eye-catching artwork and proper marketing or branding.  Most talented musicians, especially those that are just getting started in the show business, often put sufficient focus on the quality of music they make but waste too much money on marketing while overlooking proper artwork aspects of the music.  If you are an upcoming musician, these are the three things that you have to pay very close attention to, and the first thing is your mixtape artwork design.  This post will focus on this element.
Unless you are Kanye West or someone who is so popular that the fans aggressively hunt for an upcoming album, most people will obviously consider you a new artist and will make the first judgment or get the first impression about you and your music based on your album or mixtape artwork.  From mainstream artist to unsigned independent bands, the use of artwork is essential for every kind of musician or musicians wishing to reach the masses with their talents, skills and messages.   The easy accessibility of different forms of music especially online give artists the shorter end of the stick as it now takes a much shorter time for the audience to actually pay attention to music.
It is perfectly fine to focus on the music; after all, you are a musician.  However, the visual aspect of your music, the artwork, is something that you should accord equally important consideration once you have made the music.  Visual stimulation is the best marketing tool to use today to rope in listeners by catching their attention and making them want to know what hides behind the image, the colors, the texture, the graphics and the shadows.  Music is no longer about pouring your heart out to the mic, getting to the top will take a lot of visual tricks.
If you are one of those upcoming artists who leave the artwork to the last minute or even sometimes forget to allocate enough time, your just setting yourself up for failuure.  While you may be convinced that you can make your own cover artwork or custom mixtape cover remember that it takes a lot more than putting a picture of yourself and your tag on the cover to convince listeners you have something they might be interested in.  These days, fortunately, there are professionals who have studied and practiced  cover designs and everyone can afford and access their services.
The things we take for granted are the ones that may bring us down.  Just as you want the recording process to be immaculately and flawlessly done, you should allocate enough resources to hire the finest, most experienced yet affordable professional music graphic designer.  Most designers offer their services online but remember any quack can try to sell you poor quality or stole work, be very careful who you trust.  A good place to start is Mixtape Cover Kings.  See what a real professional mixtape cover design site has to offer.
The future is in outsourcing, there is no reason why you shouldn’t trust a professional to produce your best works.  As an upcoming musician, you will want to project an image that your listeners can associate with, whether it is an image of you, your logo or just a tag.  A professional cover designer will find a way to transform your message, your desires, your personality or the message in your music into color, shapes, pictures, shades, text and colorful emotions that your mixtape will use as the first line of attack for attention.
You already know music isn't going anywhere  – listeners have a big heart for good music, and musicians will always be the flashiest celebrities, the thriftiest spenders, the most listened to leaders, role models, teachers and entertainers, but to become one takes a lot of planning.  As you plan to make and promote your music, remember that the secret to winning hearts lies in the right artwork and most specifically, the mixtape cover design.  Therefore, make plans to dedicate your efforts in making music, but first find a reputable mixtape cover designer to entrust the visual design tasks to. I would recommend they work is amazing there prices are affordable for any artist.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mixtape Cover Prices- You Get What You Pay For

Mixtape Cover Prices Online

The mixtape design game is just like the rap game everybody's does it, but only a few people do it right.There are tons of graphics designers online that swear there the best but there work doesn't live up to the hype.
The funny thing is that alot of artist will see there work is just ok and will still purchase a mixtape design from them  just because there price is cheap and that doesn't make any dam sense at all. Why would you take a high quality product and devalue it with a  low quality  cover just to save $ Sounds like you don't take your career that serious to me. I'm not saying you should spend an arm and a leg on cover, but you shouldn't be scared to spend a lit bit to make sure you look professional I mean that only makes sense right?
I've seen all types of different mixtape cover prices online,but some of them are just a joke.Who would really design a quality mixtape cover for $10 thats doesn't make sense unless its sum bs or a template they have used 1,000 times on other artist thats premade.
If your looking to get a professional cover design in 300DBI you should plan on spending anywhere from $50 to $75 dollars depending on if your get a front and back cover some designers charge $150  just for a front cover which I believe is expensive especially  for  indie artist considering the fact most of them cover their own budget.
So when your shopping around for a mixtape cover make sure you checkout the designers portfolio to see the the quality of work matches the price and make sure the designs actually match the title of the mixtape.
If your looking for a high quality mixtape cover at an affordable rate I would recommend you visit to check out their portfolio there work is amazing and the prices are low.