Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mixtape Cover Prices- You Get What You Pay For

Mixtape Cover Prices Online

The mixtape design game is just like the rap game everybody's does it, but only a few people do it right.There are tons of graphics designers online that swear there the best but there work doesn't live up to the hype.
The funny thing is that alot of artist will see there work is just ok and will still purchase a mixtape design from them  just because there price is cheap and that doesn't make any dam sense at all. Why would you take a high quality product and devalue it with a  low quality  cover just to save $ Sounds like you don't take your career that serious to me. I'm not saying you should spend an arm and a leg on cover, but you shouldn't be scared to spend a lit bit to make sure you look professional I mean that only makes sense right?
I've seen all types of different mixtape cover prices online,but some of them are just a joke.Who would really design a quality mixtape cover for $10 thats doesn't make sense unless its sum bs or a template they have used 1,000 times on other artist thats premade.
If your looking to get a professional cover design in 300DBI you should plan on spending anywhere from $50 to $75 dollars depending on if your get a front and back cover some designers charge $150  just for a front cover which I believe is expensive especially  for  indie artist considering the fact most of them cover their own budget.
So when your shopping around for a mixtape cover make sure you checkout the designers portfolio to see the the quality of work matches the price and make sure the designs actually match the title of the mixtape.
If your looking for a high quality mixtape cover at an affordable rate I would recommend you visit to check out their portfolio there work is amazing and the prices are low.

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