Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mixtape Cover Designer For Artist On A Tight Budget Who Need Quality Graphics

The #1 Mixtape Cover Designer For Independent Music Artist

Now that the world is using the internet to communicate and discover new music it's  gotten easier for music artist to get exposure to  thousands of music fans worldwide , but the problem now is that the internet is oversaturated with wanna be rap star, singers, and Dj's who are flooding the internet with bullshit music and low quality mixtape covers, and their are devaluing the word indie artist..

If your trying to compete with the major artist you have to present yourself  professionally just like the major artist so you don't you don't get put in that box of being just another indie artist online.
One of the main problems that I see artist have is that their mixtape cover designs or Itunes artwork are pathetic. 

I uderstand as an indie artist it gets expensive paying for studio time, beats, and graphics ,but this is a business and in order to make your brand and music standout you need good music, quality sound and top notch graphics.

If your an up and coming artist on a tight budget who needs a reliable mixtape cover designer  who can create you music industry quality graphics I would check out 

There are several graphic design companies online,but at Mixtape Cover King we specialize in ceating amazing custom mixtape cover designs,logos, and flyers from scratch for independent artist. We go above and beyond for our clients not only do we provide high quality 300dbi designs and have the lowest prices, we also have the best customer service in the game and that matters. Once you decide to get artwork from us our designer will contact within the hr to discuss your project details 

Then we take your ideas and come up with a number of creative solutions to bring your vision to life thru your cover art design. We have your design complete within 24 to 48 business hrs.Also,  if any changes are needed or you need to add something you just thought of we never charge for revsions.Our goal isn't to nickel and dime you to death like these greedy designers online.

Once we complete your design you will receive your files in 3 different formats jpeg, png, and pdf so you can use your graphics on social media, music sites, and for print. We would be happy to be your go to mixtape cover designer for all your graphic needs.

Check out a recent clients before and after mixtape design below
"Mixtape Cover Designer"


Do you want your next release to standout from the crowd? I would visit Music Industry Graphic Designs they will take care of you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Custom chains-This Is Why You Shouldn't Buy Brass Based Jewelry

Custom Chains And Iced Out Pendants

Don't get overcharged by one of those online jewelry companies that claims they create or sell high quality custom jewlery and really they are just selling a piece of non shiney non valuable metal. If your going to purchase a custom jewelry piece real or fake it still should be a high quality product that has micropaved set diamonds. Jewelers know the average customer doesn't know about jewelry so they try to label there products in a way that makes them seem like they are valuable and they''re not. (I mean lets be honest most people buy jewelry becasue they want something of value not junk.) For one the 18k finish jewelry craze thats going on now. Now don't get me wrong 18k is a good quality metal, but the 18k finish custom chain or pendant your purchasing is most likely brass,which is non valuable.

Watch The Video Below To See How Custom Jewelry Should Look

If your going to invest a couple of hundred in some jewelry for yourself you need to purchase something that holds value.Brass pendant tranish fast and they aren't quality.If your going to purchase a custom chain or pendant you need to make sure it has at least a silver base metal. This way you if times get hard or you just want to sell your jewelry and get something new your silver based jewelry valuable and you can get cash for it. It just doesn't make sense to by brass custom jewelry or even a brass chain even if it has a 24k finish on it  because brass has no value so your just throwing your money away.

Another Custom Pendant Designed From Scratch 

If your going to get a custom pendant or chain created I would recommend you check out these custom pendants on the link they have the lowest rates online and the highest quality product check it out for yourself here

Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 B.E.T Awards Weekend "Music Artist Branding Package Sweepstakes

 Win $500 Dollars Worth Of Custom Graphics

If your an indepenent music artist most likely your self funded and you don't have a major label or investor who will pay for you studio time,marketing, or graphics so you have to come out of pocket and cover the expenses yourself which can be expensive as hell and some artist just can't afford it.

Well, Mixtape Cover King, (The Number 1 Mixtape Cover Designer In The World) wanted to give back to all the independent music artist around the world,and after talking with different sponsors the B.E.T Awards Weekend "Music Artist Branding Package Sweepstakes" was created.

"If you need custom graphics right now check out their portfolio here"

One lucky music artist is going to get $500 dollars worth of graphics/promotion from the #1 music graphic designer and music marketing specialist Mixtape Cover King.This branding package is gonna make  you look like the professional you are and get your exposure to music fans all over the world who are interested in your niche of music..
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