Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 B.E.T Awards Weekend "Music Artist Branding Package Sweepstakes

 Win $500 Dollars Worth Of Custom Graphics

If your an indepenent music artist most likely your self funded and you don't have a major label or investor who will pay for you studio time,marketing, or graphics so you have to come out of pocket and cover the expenses yourself which can be expensive as hell and some artist just can't afford it.

Well, Mixtape Cover King, (The Number 1 Mixtape Cover Designer In The World) wanted to give back to all the independent music artist around the world,and after talking with different sponsors the B.E.T Awards Weekend "Music Artist Branding Package Sweepstakes" was created.

"If you need custom graphics right now check out their portfolio here"

One lucky music artist is going to get $500 dollars worth of graphics/promotion from the #1 music graphic designer and music marketing specialist Mixtape Cover King.This branding package is gonna make  you look like the professional you are and get your exposure to music fans all over the world who are interested in your niche of music..
Click This Link For Full Details And  Your Chance ToWin $500 In Free Graphics From Mixtape Cover King 

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