Thursday, May 26, 2016

Music Reviews Can Change Your Career Here Is Proof

Here is a method that is used by every publicist and record label uses that most indie artist like yourself like don’t use ,but it can get you exposure from music fans across the world fast. The method I'm talking about is getting music reviews or features on a hip hop music blog.That’s where your target audience is at and it’s the smartest way to promote your music and get it heard from music fans worldwide.

Every business needs reviews think about it, before you purchase something online you probably read reviews about the product first. It works the same way with music having other people saying your the shit especially a big music blog will make people checkout your music.Someone cosigning for you gives you credibility

I know tons of music artist who's careers took off after getting a good music review from a credible music blog, music site, or music magazine. A reputable hip hop blog with a massive following can change your music career overnight. Always make sure when you submit your music for reviews that you have a hi-quality mixtape cover or single cover design.

I’m gonna tell you how you can use a music review to get your music to the next level and show step by step how to find blogs you can be featured on.

The Importance Of A Music Review

The whole goal of a music review is to create hype around your release and get you more exposure. When you get a music review some of things they cover are your sound and style, your music background, your achievements thus far, and your future plans as an artist. The writers on the music sites will write in a way that not only create hype around your music release or tour but they will also create a story around who you are as an artist.

The exposure you get from being reviewed on a hip hop music blog will get you for fans guaranteed.The main of objective of the review is to create excitement about you and your release to the point it makes the reader want to go online and listen to your music so make sure you have your best material available for your new potential fans to hear so you can convert them into a fan. If they like what they hear most likely they will share your music on their social media sites with their friends which in return gets you even more exposure.

A good music review has the power to build a big ass buzz around your brand, sell your album, concert tickets, and merchandise. Reviews have been used for decades to build hype around and an artist project, look at Rolling Stone.

Now the music blogs run the music game and music fans and fans of the urban culture go to music sites and music blogs to get their information.The artist taking advantage of this type of marketing method are getting money.Look at artist like Slim Jesus, and Stitches they all use blogs music sites to get exposure.

Hell, Slim Jesus was on Vlad Tv for damn near 2 months straight he might suck but he is getting paid shows because he got in front of the masses and found his tribe of people that were just like him. Trust me you have people all around the world who would relate to your music, and buy your music but your problem is you don’t know reach those people. Well I’m telling you now music reviews on hip blogs and music sites.

A good review builds your credibility with the reader and with with music media outlets.For example bigger music publications won’t even consider giving you a review unless another credible music source has mentioned you.

So you want to start off with smaller hip hop blogs to start building a buzz at first and then use those reviews for leverage to get featured on the major hip hop sites.This is how music pr works!!! (It’s not hard to do this at all) Credibility is key in the music business.and music reviews build your credibility point blank period.

Another thing good thing about getting music reviews is that it helps you build your contact list of music bloggers. Once a music blog or magazine does a review on you make sure you ask them if you can contact them to for reviews on future projects and of course the answer will be yes, especially if they liked your music and they were able to create a great review around your music.

A lot of these hip hop blogs work with A&R’s, Record labels, and other music bloggers that can help you further your music career Majority of the music sites don’t have a problem giving out contact info to other music sites or magazines they network with that you could submit your epk or music to for even more exposure.

So make sure you always ask them if they know of any other music sites either ones they network with or just similar sites you could submit your music to.

*This is How Your Find Hip Hop Blogs To Submit To.- Search Google or Bing for hip hop websites that feature up and coming artist.Once you find a site or sites that you want to be featured on you need to put together a professional Epk (Electronic Press Kit) to submit to them.

In the email make sure you introduce yourself, and let them know you’ve been following their site for awhile (even if your haven’t lol) and you were interested in getting a featured review of your mixtape or single on their website.

If you have a solid epk they will be happy to feature on their site you most of the time,but keep in mind that some of these site get thousands of submission a day so they might not get back to you right away so don’t get discouraged. Just keep emailing other hip hop blogs trust me it will pay off.But don’t be mad if you send an email to a music blog trying to be featured on their site and you just say,’ “Hey check out my new song!” and you never get a response back you need to be professional.

One trick you can use to get bloggers attention is to use a music comparison in the subject line of the email.What I mean is think of an artist similar to your sound or an artist that targets the same audience your music targets and compare yourself to them.

For example the subject line would say Atlanta Artist Big Banks New single I’m Paid! A mix of Waka Flocka’s Energy with Kevin Gates wordplay. I always sent my emails with major artist comparisons in the subject line even when I worked at for the record labels and I got high response rate.
Also like I mentioned earlier you have to make sure your cover art design is professional or they might not respond to your email.
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