Sunday, May 8, 2016

Young Dolph's Paper Route Ent Custom Pendant

Custom Pendants have always been popular in the hip hop dating back to Big Daddy Kane. Nowadays artist don’t get the big ass dookie chains with the big ass pendants, nowadays artist are wearing multiple shorter length rope chains and franco cuban box chains 20 to 30 inches  with smaller 1 inch to 5 inch size pendants.

Wearing custom jewelry is smart marketing tool, especially as an indie artist because music fans are use to seeing their favorite artist wearing custom chains, watches, and more so when they see you wearing a custom chain or any form of custom jewelry they will  automatically put you in the  same category as their favorite artist because you look like them and have the same things they have. I know it  sounds crazy, but perception and image is everything in the music bbusiness and if you want to be treated like a star you gotta look like a star.

For example Young Dolph’s Paper Route Ent. custom jewelry piece above
The piece is  simple but stands out and it grabs your attention and is iced the hell out .

Dolph’s custom piece is 10k yellow gold 5.5 inches long and 3 inches wide with round, white, SI diamonds. You can see the chart below:

As you can see jewelry is still a big branding and marketing tool used by majority of the artist in the industry because not only does it instantly give you the superstar look it makes you stand out in the crowd. he only difference is now artist stopped going overboard rocking the big ass pendants  and they’re spending their money smarter and purchasing cheaper smaller pieces.

Another smart thing I have noticed is rappers stopped buying platinum jewelry,and there buying gold jewelry which is a smart investment because it holds value.

Do you have a logo design that you want to turn into a custom pendant so you can brand yourself just like the stars? Watch the video below.

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