Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mixtape Cover- The Picaso Of Mixtape Cover Designs

Mixtape Covers

 There are to many mixtape designers online and not enough artist. There are way to many artist with the exact same mixtape cover and they don't even know it. Alot of those so called mixtape designers are going to sites on ine getting a premade template that already has 100,000 downloads and selling it to you the artist for $35-50 and it's bullshit.

Me being a graphic designer and especially in the music industry it pisses me off that its fake artwork and on top of that there scamming the artist, I mean dam who would feel good about selling an excited artist a mixtape cover that they know has been used multiple times. You have to watch out for sites like that, so remember quality over quantity usually if a complete mixtape design is $35 dollars its probably only worth $35 dollars lol think about it what graphic designer that puts time into there artwork would only charge $35 for a mixtape cover? I could see if it was just a text cover but your average quality cover is gonna take 4 to 5 hrs so  that means if that design created your scratch like they claim they do if the cover take them 5hrs they only made $7 an hr lol you make more then that at McDonalds.

Stay away from those sites if your looking for a high quality mixtape cover because I guarantee there templates thousands of other rappers are using it only makes sense no designer would work for less then you make at McDonalds.

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Music Hosting With A Free Website Don't Get Overcharged Anymore!

Music Hosting

 Okay I'm gonna get straight to the point its 2 things I wanna talk about. First I'm tired of seeing all of you talented artist, beat makers, and dj's only uploading your music and beats to reverbnation, facebook, soundcloud,soundclick etc and not building your own brand. It's good to use those sites for traffic, but you can't relay on someone or some other website to build your brand for you, you have to do it yourself. I'm not saying those music sites can't help you because alot of people get fans and even  make good money from those sites including myself, but you also have to get your own website to brand you  so you have control over everything. What you should do is use those sites for bait with link from your music or beats and send them to your site for the full download and when visitors get to your website they enter there email to join your fan list and to download the song. You know how powerful that is imagine if you send all the traffic to your site then you build your own list of people who are interested in your music then when you ready to sales singles on items, or merchandise you have a list of targeted people who are genuinely interested in your music and your brand because they actually took time to enter their email to hear your music. and on top of that the list keep growing and you can market them with your products over and over thats how the big companies market, think about it your even probably on some companies email list now just like me lol , but any way thats a whole different topic in itself I will be touching or in my next post. to purchase something whatever the case my be. Anyway sorry I got off track ,but I wanted you to understand the power of marketing this way.Like I was saying websites go under face it it just happens sometime look at Myspace  nobody is advertising them anymore the same thing can happen with any of those sites, at anytime, but like I said they are great to us to generate traffic to your site for free I mean it  only makes sense, and if your gonna spend money and time on marketing promotion spend it on you.

Ok second thing don't get over charged for music hosting when you don't have to. It happened  to me one day when I first started out I just googled music hosting and I got my services thru the first company I seen just because they were number 1 on google. I really didn't know what I was doing (that was 5 years ago lol) ,so I just jumped in it head first  and boy did that get expensive 10   companies later lol.All I can say is  alot of of companies online straight up over charge for there hosting for musician sites or musicians and I'm sick of it me be a musician myself I know its hard enough as it is with spending money on marketing etc. .So here is the best music hosting site or website hosting you need point blank period it's Hostgator. The funny thing is no websites mention that when mention musician hosting. Not only does Hostgator  have the cheapest rates and there the most reputable hosting provide  online they also help you setup a Free yes I said Free website and you can use that to host your own site, where you can host your own music, sell your products and build your fanbase. Not only that I'm gonna give a the link I'm gonna give you a coupon code use can use that personally use for my clients to get your first month of hosting for free just use the coupon code mixtapecoverking at checkout you will sell the option at the final screen right before payment. Here  is the link to get your music hosting and setup a free musician website click blue click here link I hope this helps.
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