Saturday, April 2, 2016

This Is Why Your Music Career Is At A Stand Stilll And This Is What You Need To Do To Fix It!

Music Artist Let This Marinate In Your Brain!

As an indie artist it’s a battle everyday to try and get more exposure for your brand being that you’re competing with thousands of other indie and major artist.

That means if you want to stand out  you need to carry and present yourself like a professional artist. Everything you do needs to be professional. If your dropping a mixtape you need to make sure you have an astonishing mixtape cover , and you need to make sure your music is mixed and mastered.

You have to look at it like this when it comes to music, potential fans are accustomed to hearing music at clubs, concerts, and on the radio which means they are use to hearing quality sound so your music has to be on the same level! Plus if you’re  trying to get Dj’s to play your music your sound has to be on point.

Also,  you have to remember every song you record doesn’t need have to be released. You should always get reviews of your music, but not from your friends (yes men) you should get them from people behind the scenes like a Dj, your producer, or you can check out music review sites online. Reviews are an excellent marketing tool because someone can make you look bigger than you can make yourself look, if you tell someone your music is the shit they might just think you’re cocky.

Here is an example of music reviews being used in the industry as a marketing tool. When your big artist are about to drop an album or single what is the first thing they say on their commercial
Rolling Stone gives B.O.B’s (or whatever artist)  single 5 stars. It’s no different with movies Siskel and Ebert give reviews on movies and the  producers of the movie use the reviews as a part of marketing tool when their promoting the movie because it’s from a credible source.

What this means is if you want people to look at you like a professional artist  you need to carry yourself just like a professional artist, and that means you have to look the part. You need  an official music website  with a dot com that’s either your artist or label name. Your site should have 3 plus professional photos, social media links, blog, bio, and mailing list.

There are too many music artist that only have a Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account, and don’t have a website and that looks bad for your brand. Plus  just like I said earlier about the professional sound its the same way with your site  music fans are use to professional  artist having a website with a dot com so you need to do the same thing!

How would you look if you got an interview with the Source a big music site and you didn’t even have a website to send your potential fan to,. I guaranteed your results wouldn’t be great. Also People can’t remember your long ass Facebook or Twitter Handle. You need a dot point blank period.

98% of  indie  artist don’t even know what a press release is let alone how to use it to get free media exposure about an  event their having, a music release, or any new milestone in their music career.

A press release is a 250  to 300 word text document that is written just for media outlets to let them know about your music release, you tour, event, or any newsworthy event that has to deal  with your brand.

So in simple terms  a  music press release is like a bulletin that gets sent to radio stations, televisions outlets, newspapers, music sites, and magazine publications that gives them just enough info to spark reporters interest so the media contact you or more information.

Anytime you’re promoting anything you should have a press release that you submit to your local news stations, newspapers, music blogs, and magazine publications related to your genre of music. Your press release needs to be intriguing so it gets journalist in the media interested i your event and they contact your for more information. Also d you need to make sure you have professional  graphics our nobody in the media will take you serious and that can hurt you in the long run..The whole key is to make it simple for people in the press to write about you.

Even if you don’t get coverage the first time you submit it doesn’t matter it’s a process and once they start seeing your email pop up with different press release they will reply trust me. Normally most artist or let me say labels use a in house Pr team to get press coverage or their artist this is mandatory in the music business and nowadays with the internet it can get you in front of thousands.

Hiring a pr team can be expensive as hell, but don’t get me wrong it’s worth it once you get to that level, but until then you can easily get your own press release created by a professional and save a lot of money.

Just google some of your favorite and see what they’re doing you will see they all have websites, press releases, music website features, interviews, etc. You need to do the same thing if you want to get the same results as those artist.Start branding yourself correctly, get a website, and start using press releases every time you have a milestone in your career and submitting it to press outlets and watch your career go to new heights. All it takes is one big blog to pick up your story and you they will get your music to thousands of music fans and it will take your music career to the next level.

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