Monday, April 4, 2016

Traxnyc Alternative- Custom Hip Hop Jewelry For An Affordable Price

Get The Same Quality Custom Jewelry As Traxnyc Jewelry For A Lower Price!

Custom jewelry is one of the best marketing  tools a music artist can have when it comes to a music artist especially a rap artist. Custom makes you standout from the crowd and makes you look like money point blank period.

When you have custom jewelry it makes you look like a star why because in the music game fans relate the cars you drive and jewelry you wear to success. They don't know if those cars are rented or the jewelry is fake they just know you look larger then life and because you have the exact same things the major artist have so they assume you that your already successful are a artist in the game.

I mean think about when you see artist with custom jewelry etc the first thing you think is they got money either from music are hustling. You have to remember fans are use to seeing major artist with jewelry, money, hoes, cars ,and clothes so in order for the to look at you the same way you need to carry yourself just like the rap artist they use to following and having a custom pendant of your logo or label is the perfect way to do it.

There are a lot of sites that make custom hip hip jewelry for music artist, and their work is amazing like Traxnyc jewelry for example, but the thing is a lot places are big companies and they have a lot of overhead  so they have no choice but to make up or it on their jewelry prices.

At Mixtape Cover King  we have a team of 5 jewelry designers with over 10 years experience in creating custom pedants. Our prices our lower then anyone online and our work is top of the line you can see for yourself below step by step.  Email me at to get your custom pendant today.

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