Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Promote Your Music Using The New "Reveal” Of Your Cover Art Strategy

Use This Strategy To Create A Buzz For Your Next Music Release

As the music industry continues to evolve record labels are always trying to figure out new marketing methods and ways to build a buzz around their artist music projects. The new music promotion techniques that is being used i the reveal of your mixtape or album artwork strategy. What they do is they contact music blogs with a big following and contact them to reveal the release date and cover art the artist is using for the project.

This strategy is is implemented to get fans/new potential fans talking about the  project and sharing the artwork online which starts to create a buzz for the artist project and lets fans know a video, single , or mixtape is about to drop. Unveiling your mixtape or album artwork is a smart strategy and you can use it to:

Get A Buzz Going With Press And Fans

If you have a dope hi quality mixtape cover design or single cover bloggers will eat this up because good visuals help them also by making their site look professional. But what the labels are doing they contact the top music blogs individually and getting them to do an announcement that the artist is about to release some new music.

This gives you a different way to reveal your new artwork for your release and also it allows  the artist a chance to tell the story behind the music release so they can connect with fans and build curiosity about the project and create a buzz. The bonus of doing it this way is that you will get hell of  exposure to new potential fans because the blogs share this with their readers and on all of their social media platforms.

Some of these blogs have 500,000 plus readers, that could change your music career over night. Here is a link to give you an example of what I’m talking about this  is Lil Boosie artwork reveal blog post Click Here

Generate Pre- Order Sales

It seems like every artist is on the pre order hustle. Pre order this and get exclusive tracks etc etc. Well this is related to the album artwork reveal strategy also. What some artist are doing especially Kevin Gates , and Young Thug are they do the artwork reveal and drop video after video for songs off of  the upcoming project and they  allow you to pre order the music before the release date. and you get exclusive V.I.P behind the access to the creation of the project,exclusive unreleased music, and more.

2. Build A List Fans
Another slick music marketing tactic you can use with artwork reveal technique is you can build an email list of people that not only can you market and pre sale this project to, but you can market to them forever once you have them on an email list this is a powerful tactic.

This is how Beyonce was able to sell 800,000 copies of her project with no advertising. She had a list of over 1 million names and email addresses of people who joined her email list., and she just did an email blast to that list of people and sold 800,000 plus units. The email list is one of the most powerful tools any artist or business owner can have.

Try this tactic before your next music release and you will be shocked at the results, just make sure you have custom attention grabbing cover art.
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