Sunday, February 14, 2016

How To Indirectly Persuade Music Fans Into Listening To Your Dam Music

Music Marketing Mind Control

As  an unsigned rap artist, singer, or dj your main objective should trying figure out what you can do to standout from every other artist. There are thousands of music blogs and mixtape sites online releasing new artist music every second. You have to make sure that potential fans not only notice your brand and your music, but you have to make sure they remember your brand and music and it gets stuck in their head.

That's why your graphics are so important not only do your graphics play a major role in your overall branding, but your graphics are also  an important marketing tool. They are the first thing a potential fan sees before they get a chance to hear your mixtape, single, or album, so it’s mandatory that you have music industry quality artwork. that is appealing to the eye and demands attention.  You  don’t want to spend all  your time and money recording a project that will never get heard that doesn’t make sense. You need creative artwork that paints a picture in peoples mind  and entices the to click on your music  people click to listen to your music.

Don’t sell yourself short and get some ok or mediocre artwork from one of your homeboys just because said he would do it for dirt cheap or for free. You need a professional graphic designer who specializes in creating hi-quality custom music graphics like mixtape covers, single covers, album covers, logos, flyers or whatever kind of music artwork you need.

Having creative custom cover art can easily generate you new fans. Just think about all of these thousands of music sites artist can post their music on. Unless you already know the artist name you’re looking for the only way to determine who’s music you should check out is the by going off of the artist name and the cover art design.

As you can see  your graphics can actually make or break your project.Trying to save a couple dollars now will cost you big money on the back end.

penancefront (1).jpg

Above  is an example of a mixtape cover design that uses the less is more technique and the artwork is dope as hell!  I mean dam a herring bone noose chain . This project released using this cover had over 25,470 plays, now I can’t sit here and say all the plays are because of the artwork,  but I do know the 2 previous  projects released by the artist only received 2,340 views combined.

You’re trying to get your music heard by as many people as possible right? Then make sure you have professional 300dbi quality cover art for all of your music projects and I guarantee  your cover will  grab people’s eyeballs right out their sockets lol no ,but really it will make people pay attention and your plays will increase.

If you need professional music industry quality graphics that are affordable and will brand you like the professional you are Click Here

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