Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Shit You Need To Know Before You Get Your Mixtape Hosted

The Truth About Mixtape Hosting

I received hundreds of emails from music artist asking me do they need a Dj to host their mixtape so I decided to write this article because I’m pretty sure that question comes across every artist mind at sometime when they’re about to drop a mixtape.

When it comes to mixtape hosting it should be used as a marketing tool in my eyes and what I mean by that is having someone like Trapaholics ,or DJ Drama host your mixtape would be a smart move because they are branded Dj’s with a huge fanbase and they will push your mixtape to their fans and connections which can get you heard by thousands if not millions of people fast.

I honestly wouldn’t pay a no name Dj at least at first because the whole goal is to help your branding and get your mixtape more exposure and if that DJ doesn’t have a fan base and established connections so how can he really help you out.

In the new digital music business anyone can get their music project out to the world with ease.That doesn’t mean your’re going to become an overnight celebrity,but nowadays you can have a dope video or dope song an go viral online in seconds and getting that type of exposure to me is more valuable they some Dj hosting your mixtape.Plus if you notice everytime an artist releases a Dj hosted mixtape they drop a no dj version within the next couple of weeks.

A lot of people think it’s annoying to hear a Dj yelling the same shit on top of songs so people like to listen to the artist lyrics and some Dj drops drown the lyrics out.  What I’ve also noticed is a lot of these new Dj’s just slap their name on a project make a low quality mixtape cover for it and call it a day.

Now don’t get me wrong their are good Dj’s out there and they don’t just work with anybody to make a quick buck they work with artist who have quality music that they believe in.These are they type of Djs you want to work with because not only will they just host your mixtape they will push the hell out of it thru our their advertising platforms
My final thought  is I believe having a Dj hosting your mixtape was more valuable back in the day then it is now.I think in 2016 and beyond independent artist should spend their money more wisely. I would spend that money on professional production,industry quality mixing, and professional  artwork like mixtape covers to Itunes designs. All of those thing are better investments than paying a Dj to host your mixtape.

So do you need a Dj to host your mixtape?No but if you’re trying to get exposure fast using a branded Dj is a smart idea.


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