Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Music Artist Learn How To Turn $1 Into 500+ Real Music Fans No B.S

Secret Way To Build Your Fan Base

Are you tired of just being a local artist, doing show after show at the same hole in the wall bar hoping you can get discovered  build your music career and get new music fans,but it just ain’t working!

You need to start using facebook ads to promote your mixtape,single,or music video straight up! The world is on Facebook and as you have probably noticed facebook videos are getting tons of views.Facebook ads can get you in front of thousands of new music fans all around the world,and the best thing is they can be targeted and they only cost pennies.

All the clients I work with I make have them apply Facebook ad marketing to their music campaign and every single artist who applied this strategy increased their fan base by at least 40%.

So I wrote this how to article to help all you independent artist to give you gives a technique that will provide you a  real way to grow your fan base and get your music heard.

Step 1.Choose The Objective Of Your Campaign:

After you login, click "ad manager" on your Facebook homepage,and then click on the "create ad tab.After that you will see a page like the screenshot above that has 10 different options for promotion.Some of these option won’t apply to musicians,but I’m gonna give you a quick rundown on the objectives that apply to you the musician.

Promote your page

This option is  the most common choice used by artist.This objective will get your Facebook Fan page in front of new potential fans at ease.You can target all you ads and promote to people who like arist similar artist that are in the same lane as you,or you can base off demographics tailored toward you market.

Raise attendance at your event

This option will give your next upcoming show, cd release party etc an extra boost.This ad will place you event in front of your whole metro area for pennies.Once again with the ad targeting option your can target people who attend rap shows or whatever your genre is and increase your events exposure guaranteed. Honestly it’s hard for most local acts to have a big turn out to their shows because nobody knows about it. Well lucky for you this problem won’t exist anymore after you read this e.

Get video views

Facebook video ads are the shit point blank period. For one their videos plays a non stop teaser of your video once you upload so it grabs people’s attention asap.So when you combine that with a targeted video ad campaign it equals more fans and more exposure.
How do you think you see music artist videos who aren’t from your local area on Facebook you were apart of their targeted ad campaign.

Send people to your website

Hey, that sounds straightforward, right? Well, you can do much more than just your website. Along with your band page, you can also use this feature to send folks into your iTunes store, YouTube channel, or any other relevant outlet.

These are the main options you will use as an independent artist when you’re running a Facebook ads campaign

 How to target your ad's reach


After you select your objective the next page is the targeting ad section.This is the fun stuff. This is where you pick who you want to target your ad to.You can target people by age,location,and interests. You want to be as detailed as possible I will explain each section below.


This is pretty much self explanatory if you’re trying to promote a local show you have coming up in Omaha, Nebraska then you only want to target that city and surrounding areas,but if you’re going on a tour you could target the cities you going to perform in,or if you have a new song you want to get to the world you can promote it worldwide.This is pretty easy just use common sense and you will be fine.,

Age and gender
Gender, you don’t have to worry about because we’re targeting guys and girls so you can select the both option. Now when it comes to selecting an age group to target with your music  I would select 18 to 35 now don’t get me wrong there might be some old school cats that like your music that are in their 40’s and 50’s,but were trying to target people we know are using the internet all the time.


This is real all the good stuff happens lol.In his section you can decide who see your ad based on the information they provided when they set up their Facebook account,pages they’ve liked ,or purchased and more. Make sure your ad is detailed the more detail the more effective the ad is.Here are a couple of word prhases you shoud use to find your target market.I would search off similar artist,genre, and keywords such like “people who like trap music.”  Just make sure detailed and creative when you select your interests.

Setting your budget
Most musicians don’t even bother with Facebook ads because they're unaware of how affordable they are and how they can help grow their music following, and increase their profits.  The fact is you can run a targeted campaign for only $5 dollars a day.I repeat only $5 dollars a day so it’s cheaper to build your music fan base using Facebook ads then it is  to buy a combo meal from Mcdonalds.

I know right now you’re thinking if that’s the case why doesn’t every artist do it? Well its because all of the social media marketers and music marketing companies want to charge you an arm and a leg to set up a campaign for you when it’s easy as hell to do.Honestly a lot of marketers are going to be pissed that I’m giving this game away,but I’m in it to help artist succeed, I’m not trying to milk artist for all the money like these companies,I understand what artist go through because I’m an artist myself .

Facebook determines how many ads your people will reach based on how much you narrowed down your audience through the age and interests section.

For example let's say you chose ages 18 to 35 who live in the Us who are interested in rap music, rap concerts, Kevin Gates,Migos, Young Jeezy, and Meek Mill.

.Here is how much you spend daily and how many people your ad will be in front of which turns io views,likes,etc:

  • $5 per day: 515 to 1,280 people everyday
  • $15 per day: 1,400 to 4,500 people everyday
  • $25 per day: 2,600 to 6,500 people everyday

Ad copy and graphics

Don’t get intimidated when you see you have t create a graphic it’s nothing like creating a mixtape cover or anything like that. All you have to do here is use your cover photo or any high quality photo you would like to use. and dd whatever text you would like to put on your picture.

For example if you targeted people who like Jay Z with your ads ,on your ad graphic you might put if you like Jay z you have to hear this new artist  Click here. Then have your ad redirect them to an email list capture page on your website where you collect emails.

                                                                                                                                                     Just remember to always make sure your ad copy matches your graphic!

If you need help setting up a campaign email me at


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