Saturday, December 5, 2015

What You Need To Know Before You Sell Music In Online Stores Like Itunes

In order for you the artist to be able to distribute their music to online digital stores, there are a couple of things you have to take into consideration:These sites have certain requirements and your audio files, cover art design and metadata has to meet the store specs before you can post your music on these sites.

Today we’re going discuss getting your mixtape cover or single cover in the proper format so it can get your mixtape or single uploaded to mixtape websites and digital stores worldwide. 

Your Design Needs To Be In The Correct Format
If you’re about to buy a mixtape cover or single cover here are a few requirements  you need to meet to make sure your can get your project uploaded with no problems.

-The image file should be JPG or GIF
-Size should be at least 1600x1600 pixels
-It needs to be a Gif or Jpeg
-The artwork needs to be at least 300 Dbi even with black and white designs
-The artwork needs to be a perfect square

Requirements For Formatting Text On Your Artwork

There are certain guidelines these sites and digital stores have when it comes to the text  your artwork if you want to distribute your music through their site.

Here’s Is A List Of Things You Can’t Have On Your Artwork If You Want Your Music To Be Accepted By These Music Sites
-You can’t have logos or names of digital stores on your cover design
-No cutoff images or text.stickers from your artwork from a scanned copy of physical CD
-Contact info like email addresses,website urls, Facebook links etc.s
-No pricing.This just means that you can’t put a price on your cover no matter what.
-No extra text beside artist name and the title of the song.New single or exclusive track etc is not allowed

Matching Text.
When you selling your single or album through digital stores it’s mandatory that your text on your artwork matches your album title and artist name.if not they will reject your art

So if your dropping a single off your upcoming mixtape or need to make sure your artwork text only promotes that single

For Example :
You’re dropping your new single “Makin Moves“ off your upcoming mixtape “ I’m Everywhere”. When you get your artwork created you have to make sure you have your graphic designer only put your artist name and the song title of the song Makin Moves.You can’t put new single off I’m Everywhere mixtape.You have to make sure the cover art  text matches the release information

Also you can’t use images of artist who aren’t actually on the song you’re.So if you’re doing a cover song for an artist for example you can’t put their picture on the cover because you are performing the song not them..

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