Monday, October 5, 2015

Read this To Make Sure You Won't Be Stuck Being A Local Rapper Forever

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How To More Than A Local Rapper 

Are you falling victim to the lazy local artist music trap?  I know in your head you’re thinking what the in hell is he talking about.Well the lazy local artist music trap is  when you get caught up in the local scene and don’t do any promoting anywhere else and you never try to learn the marketing and business side of the game even though they have all the resources right in front of their face online.

You can also become a lazy rapper indirectly and you don’t even know it because in your eyes your’re making moves promoting your music ,but the reality is you’re doing the samething over and over and you’re not really making any progress in the music business  or building your career.

Yeah you might be doing more than other artist in your city,but hell they ain’t doing nothing either  so don’t focus on  being the best of the worst you need to be trying to catch up with artist like Kevin Gates, and the Migos for example they’re milking the music game. I would watch all their marketing strategies and apply them to my music marketing game plan.

Here are tips to help you avoid getting caught up in the the local artis music trap:

1.You get caught up watching what other artist or doing and you find yourself  becoming ealous because it seems like their making big moves on Facebook to you because your not making any moves lol, and you start trying to mimic what their doing and then you start doing the samething spamming your music all over Facebook for likes instead of focusing on getting your music in front of new fans to build your fanbase at the end of the day thats what matters its about getting your music to as many fans as possible everyday all over the world.

2.You fall for thee so called big promoters hustle where they setup a show with a kind of big act and then they come after all the independent artist in there city and try to ge them to pay a chunk of money to open up for the artist lol lol. You need to spend your money smart opening up for an artist ain’t gonna do shit for your career unless you want bragging rights and that ain’t what you want you want new fans.

So instead of wasting money opening up for acts and just putting money in the promoters pockets spend that money on some radio promotion, press releases, or even a publicist who can get your music on all the major music blogs and get you real exposure.

Your whole goal is to get new fans and in front of new faces not the same people you perform for twice a month.Your fanbase will never grow.So stop wasting money and google music publicist they are the key to breaking artist online they work directly with the media outlets.

3.You don’’t invest money into your career. Every business has a monthly budget for advertising and the music business is no different you should a budget every month to promote your music even if its a small amount. You can  buy facebook ads for your music and target music fans who like artist similar to your sound and that cost pennies for example. Another thing is spending money on your branding  from your mixtape cover art,logo design, party flyers etc need to be professional all the time. Don’t be that cheap ass artist always trying to get favors and get shit for free if it’s free it probably isn’t h quality no real designers are promoters are doing stuff for free their in the business for the money just like everybody else.

So i you’re trying to make it in the new digital music world take the time out to learn the business and don’t’ be afraid to invest in yourself whether you’re paying for a professional music graphic designer to create your mixtape covers, or if you’re paying to go on a tour at the end of the day.


  1. Good Advice I will do that thanks!

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