Monday, September 21, 2015

Free Twitter Music Marketing Tool That Can Make Your Music Go Viral

If you’re an independent artist I’m pretty sure you already know how important social media is when it comes to promoting your music online.The fact is everybody in the world is on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram, these sites have the power to get your music heard by millions of music fans fast as hell.

The whole goal of using social media to promote your music is to get as many people as possible to share,like, and tweet your music,mixtape cover,flyers etc to their friends and followers.

Today I’m gonna tell you about a music marketing tool that you can use on Twitter and Facebook that get you tons of likes, retweets, and shares by music and its possible that your music can go viral using this tool alot of major labels you his exact same tool to build a buzz and get their artist music to go viral online.

The tool  I’m talking about using is on the site called Tweet For A Track .There are a ton of Twitter music marketing tools online and aot of them are very useful when it comes to promoting your music , but  this one hands down helps you the most when it comes to making your music go your music,video,mixtape cover design or whatever you’re trying to promote online is the easy part ,but getting your post shared and retweeted is a whole different story.

Tweet for a track offers a music marketing tool for artist that allows artist  to tweet a link to all of their followers about their new song or mixtape and it dam near forces them to spread the word.
How The  viral music marketing tool works is it automatically makes people repost your music link on their page to all their followers and then they will receive the link to download the song..Once they do that their followers get a message sent to them telling them to checkout this new song out they just heard and once they do that it sends a link to all their friends and so on that/s what will make your song start to spread virally. This tactic is used by alot of major companies and record labels to get their message to the masses fast and get it to go viral.

So if your you’re trying to get more exposure to your music this free tool will help you guaranteed click the link and get the exposure you deserve checkout

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