Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#1 Mixtape Cover Designer In The World For Indie Artist

In the music industry, how you present yourself is often just as significant as your overall talent. Although this fact has been proven, many artists simply choose to ignore the necessity for a   well crafted mixtape cover design. It doesn’t matter how great of a project you have if people aren’t drawn to it by your cover. They can’t tell how good your music is from the outside, and what you put on the front of your mixtape is what will entice people to take a listen. 

Now the questions are raised, “How do I go about making a good design?” or “How do I even know if my design is good?” There are several ways to go about making your cover, but the most trustworthy method is to get in touch with a good graphic designer. Putting together a good cover is not necessarily an easy task, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. With the right resources and available time, anyone can get a great design that works excellently with their project. 

The only thing that complicates designing nowadays is the variety of new tools and techniques in addition to the basic elements such as colors, hues, and gradients. With so many options, it is common for artists to have second thoughts now and then. The best way to avoid confusion and be satisfied with your final result is to find a good designer that you trust and can easily communicate with throughout the process.

The are several different aspects to producing music industry quality mixtape covers that involve time as well as a bit of expertise. Not having a well-qualified team will only end up compromising the quality of each component of your design. Nowadays it can be observed that bright colors have become popularized in clothes, accessories, and cars. In accordance with this trend, your mixtape design should pop out from the rest and grab people’s attention.  Like this before and after mixtape design..

Mixtape Cover Art


Lots of artists try to make a unique and catchy design for the face of their project, but in the end not everyone is able to achieve this. It’s not so much about having the most expensive design as it is about presenting your brand. People aren’t going to care how great your mixtape looks if they don’t know who the artist is.

Many would argue that the presence of your brand is the most essential aspect of your design. I’m not talking about representing your record label or the clothes you wear. I’m referring to the traits of your personality that you want people to be aware of. Tell people who you are on the front of your project so that they can identify with you throughout your career. 

This takes a bit of self-exploration, and not every artist chooses to find his own identity. Instead, many will look to stars who are more popular and try to copy their unique image. People connect with artists because of what makes them unique, so find what makes you unique and market it well. Part of that marketing will come from your mixtape cover designs.  

At this point you should start to see that your cover is quite important and it serves several purposes. Perhaps the biggest role of your cover is to attract people to your music. In the same way that we have a tendency to judge a book by its cover, people will judge whether or not your music is worthy of being listened to by the visual art you choose to represent it with. In addition to drawing people in, your designs act as a brief summary of your music.

 By looking at the art on the front of your mixtape, people should be able to tell a bit about the genre and style of music within. In addition to these purposes, people will make a judgment about the artist based off of the design. If the design looks cheap and is not very aesthetically pleasing, people will assume that the artist has no concern for beauty and probably presents himself in the same way. All of these factors should weigh heavily on your decision to get a well-made cover.
 Perhaps the most important stage of designing your cover is the initial planning. Generally, as long as you have a thoroughly detailed plan for the production of your design, all will go smoothly. However, even if you have conjured an excellent plan, it is important to pay close attention to the different stages of production. Something you’ll want to watch out for is the compatibility of your cover with the theme of your music. 

Giving people one idea with the outside of your project and a separate idea within your music would be an abuse of their trust. Also, it is very important to never copy or plagiarize any images when designing your mixtape. Because there are many different aspects of mixtape production, it can be hard to focus on the cover, but it’s important to put as much focus as possible on the design.

 Due to the importance of this issue, make sure you hire someone you trust who can get it done on time and has plenty of experience and expertise. Also, make sure beforehand that you know how many copies of your mixtape you will be producing and when you need them to be ready for sale. It is important for your designer to know the deadlines you are trying to meet.

Because the face of your music is such a large part of who you are as an artist, it’s important not to compromise the quality of the design for a designer who may be cheaper. When deciding who to hire, take a look at their portfolio and see how well they worked with other artists. Although it may be costly to hire an excellent designer, the result will be worth it. The impact that a good designer can have on your career may be monumental, so hire a good production team and have peace of mind knowing that they will get the job done excellently.

After you’ve enlisted a professional to work on your mixtape design  a quality product is pretty much guaranteed. Paying close attention during the production stages will further increase your chances of having a result you can be proud of. A good cover and good music are the two best tools an artist can use to gain attention. In conclusion, spend a great deal of time on your mixtape to let people know who you are and what your music is about, and odds are it will have a huge impact on your career. 

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