Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mixtape Websites That Will Get You Exposure Guaranteed!

Are you dropping your mixtape and you cant figure out how to promote it beside on Facebook, Reverbnation, Datpiff, and Soundcloud to the same group of people your always promote to?  Imagine getting your mixtape on 70 different mixtape/music sites online that have more then 500,000 visitor a month combined...... just think about how many people would be exposed to your mixtape and how many new potential fans you could reach!

I mean thats what your dropping your mixtape for isn't it? To build your fanbase,and get your music to the world so you can turn it into a full time paying career  so you can take care of your family right? We all know the music business is a numbers game... so you need to get your music infront of as may people as possible at all times thats how you increase your chances of growing your fanbase which in return means the more sales you can potentially make. The viral mixtape marketing guide consist of the top 70 music/mixtape websites online that you can promote your mixtape on they will get you heard.Also make sure you have a high quality mixtape cover to brand you like a professional.

"And No We Didn't  Just Google Mixtape Sites And Pick The First Sites To Pop Up"

Our researchers completed over 10 hrs of online research to find the top active music sites that receive the most traffic aand let artist upload their music so we pretty much  took care of all the hardwork for you already.Placing your mixtape on these sites will help you get your music in front of a whole different audience and it will  help you take your music career to the next level I mean we all know more fans equals more money..... So Are you ready to make your mixtape go viral?Then click this link .

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