Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How To Get Sponsors For Your Music And Brand.

How to Get Sponsors for your Music Career
As an independent artist you are always placed in a difficult situation. You will find having the freedom to make your own music and the complete control of your work good, but there are more complicated things to worry about in order to keep your career afloat. For the most part, you have to test your luck on different approaches in order to steer things towards your favor.
A lot of trial and error is involved in going independent. The hardest aspect to sustain is the financial one. For artists with contracts in record label companies, money isn’t really a matter since all expenses are going to be shouldered by the production budget. However, a large chip of the money goes to professional expenses since you need to pay your manager, agent, assistants and everyone who is part of your upkeep.
Independent artists on the other hand can keep the money for themselves once the fruits of their labor keep coming. However, the highest hurdle you need to pass through is creating that fruit. There are a lot of costs associated with writing, recording, producing and releasing music. And you can’t expect to support that with a minimum wage salary. In order to get the funds for your music projects, you will need to look for people who are willing to invest in your potential – in other words, sponsors.
Sponsorship is a good method to create connections with an established brand that may play a big role in your career in the future. But the connection shouldn’t be one way. If you are trying to benefit from them, they also have to benefit from you. And you need to do something to make them recognize that you can boost the brand’s reputation.
One of the basic aspects of the relationship is mutual gain. You need to know who you are, what type of music you offer and how you can establish yourself in the music industry. Then the collaboration starts. You have to recognize the brand, what it offers and how you can associate it to your music. To help you out, you need to ask yourself the following questions:
Does the brand compliment my kind of music?
Am I getting enough exposure through this sponsorship?
Will I be able to expand my horizons in the future with my association to the brand?
Am I confident about bringing a positive wave to the brand?
There is no room for doubt when you commit yourself to a sponsorship. If you don’t believe in your capabilities, all your efforts won’t be half as good if you were 100% confident. As a start-up artist it might be difficult to establish and keep up a specific personality. But you’ll have to be sure of yourself first before even thinking about promoting something. If you get this part down, then you are halfway ready to sign that deal.
You either get an offer for a sponsorship or find one and ask for a chance. Either way, you need to make sure that you focus on your priorities and not be swayed by the benefits each offer presents. Don’t go overboard and accept multiple deals. For starters, pick one and use it as a learning experience.
Find a sponsor whose ideas mesh with yours. Don’t just get a sponsor to get one you could end up in a situation that you are uncomfortable with, the only thing that will happen is your dedication to the promotion of the brand will crumble in the early stages. Seek one that you like to promote. In some cases, artists choose sponsors that indirectly inspire their musical creativity. In the simplest sense, pick one that you really like and don’t settle for less.
There are many promotional products you can advertise once you sign up for a sponsorship. It can range from clothing and accessories to food and beverage. It will depend a lot on the type of company you sign up with. Part of being an endorser is being an effective and convincing ambassador of the brand. This is the reason why they associate themselves with artists in the first place. Musicians have the ability to attract people and if you are good with using that ability, you can convince people to try the products you recommend. As a representative, you have to be careful about doing anything that will devalue the brand’s reputation too.
To sum it up, in order to get a good sponsorship deal you need to be mutually attracted to each other’s marketing potentials. When you approach a company, make sure that you already have in mind a reason why you will make a good endorser for their products and services.Let them know how they can get more exposure from sponsoring your.For example if your mixtape get’s 10,000 downloads you can advertise the company on your mixtape cover and promotional flyers etc. Moreover, you should also be capable of providing an honest opinion on why you want them to sponsor you as well. It’s a win-win deal if you both work hard for each other’s success.
It all boils down to one simple question: Do you know how to market a brand effectively? If you have doubts, start by defining your music first. Once you do, seek out a suitable brand, sell your abilities and get that sponsorship deal. You may start out with a couple of rejections, but trust me the more you get your brand out there the easier it will get to close a deal.

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