Monday, November 3, 2014

How To Hustle Your Music On Twitter

Ok you finished up recording and you got your mixtape cover completed and your ready to release your music, but you really don't know alot of places online to promote your mixtape well today I'm gonna tell how you can use twitter to get listeners to your music and building your following at the same time.Twitter is one of the most slept on sites to use for music marketing everybody just wants to post on facebook to their group of friends and they wonder why their music career isn't going anywhere.Twitter is a highly active site and there are some slick tools out there for Twitter that you can use to get in font of thousands of target music fans.

You need to be using this site allows you to find people by keywords for example you could type in Atlanta Dj's and it would pull up all the Atlanta Dj's you can add at the click of a button without having to do all the research yourself.A slick thing to do when your releasing your mixtape is to add music fans from other rappers with a huge following that your music is similar to. For example if you have a sound like T.I.  you can literally take his twitter Id and out it in the search field on this site and it will bring up all his followers and you can add them at a click of a button and the good thing also about justunfollow is that it will show you the last time they were online so you know its an active account and you can't beat that.Justufollow has a paid and free option and honestly I have never had to purchase the paid versions because the results I get from the free option the only downside is that with the free version you can only add 200 people a day which is still great thats 4,800 people month.

Another way to search twitter for music fans is right on Twitters search you can in any phrase bar and type in whatever your looking for but type it in  parenthesises  and it will pull up profiles using those keywords that were recently online and you can add them instantly.So if your looking for a way to add Twitter fans by the masses to promote your mixtape or single I guarantee this will work.

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