Friday, November 7, 2014

Mixtape Cover Special Buy One Get One Free

Hi Def Mixtape Cover For Free  

Are you a independent artist who is working on a mixtape, single or album? Well today is your lucky day because I'm gonna give you the best deal on the net point blank period.I have worked with thousands of indie artist and it seems like most of them have the same problem they don't have a go to guy for all their graphic needs they kinda just wing it after the mixtape is complete and they find the first graphic designer they can find just to hurry up and get their product out and boy is that a big No No lol.

Having a cheap mixape cover is like wearing a ugly outfit to the club and you world never put on something you thought was ugly that represents you so don't do it with your cover art! You can make people judge you the wrong way. So after working with hundreds of different designers online I can say hands down that Mixtape Cover King is the best site to deal with their the total package.Not only do you get hid def 300dbi custom graphics they have affordable rates and they have a 24 to 48hr turnaround and they actually stick to it unlike other companies and another bonus is if your on a deadline say you need a cover in 8hrs they will work with you to get it done without charging a fee like most companies. Another thing that makes them stick out from all the other designers is that their designs are created from scratch there not from a cookie cutter site with premade templates to me that some bullshit and its really scamming the artist in some sense because there paying for a custom design for their project. The funny thing is the people that are using the templates are the same ones charging an arm and a leg for the design.What a joke!

I have been working with Mixtape Cover Kings over the last 3 years for all my clients graphic needs and I can honestly say we haven't had any problems and I'm always amazed with the work its to the point where I don't have to give the designer an idea they just create the mixtape cover art based off the title of the project. I attached an example of their work they did for one of my clients this is a before and after pic.

 As you can see they can take any photo and turn it into a high quality design.I would recommend them to any artist trying to brand themselves like a professional so check out Mixtape Cover King today and make sure you tell them artist development sent you and you qualify for the buy one get one free design..

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