Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How Hip Hop Jewlery Can Blow You Up Fast

Why Jewelry Is A Smart Investment For Rappers!

 In the rap game image is everything and I know this might sound crazy to sum of you who don't understand that but custom Hip hop jewelry can take along way in the rap industry.Most fans relate jewelry to success and the amount of jewelry that fans see you are wearing usually signifies your level of success in the game. 

Jewelry makes people pay attention just think about how you look at artist when you see them with custom chains of their label etc you think they gotta be doing something I know thats what I think. Jewelry will make people put you in a different category then other rappers and this is a good thing because it  leads to a  large amount of attention from the public and thats a good thing because you need publicity and as much exposure as possible to the public eye  to blow up and become a icon in America today.

Once you actually real think about it from a marketing aspect  you will realize that hip hop jewelry is really an investment that can actually make you more money and fame in the long run, and that will give you the ability to use your  status to sell anything to your fans from clothes,books movie etc.

You would be shocked at how many rappers wear fake jewelry including some of your favorite artist, but in reality it really makes more sense to get a fake pendant that looks real then to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars on a real one its a waste of money and you hardly even wear the jewelry unless your at a show or an event.. Nowadays  some of the fake jewelry looks even better then the real jewelry and you the untrained eye will never be abe to tell the difference..
Most recording artist wear some form of jewelry to so their success to rap world. Pretty much, if your a  rapper with a lot bling fans  assume that your getting rap money and they  will  idolize your lifestyle.

 Lil Boosie said it best you think I wanna wear all this heavy ass jewelry all day? Hell no but this attracts attention and once youu pay attention me you will become a fan.

The fact is , everybody wants to shine and be the one blinging but unfortunately alot of artist  don’t have disposable income that will  allow them to purchase the custom jewelry and fancy cars,  So they take a different route and get fake custom jewelry which I think is smarter and it saves them a ton of money but still has them stuning in front of the camera. The fact is most of your favorite artist have fake hip hop jewelry that just looks real and you just don’t know it..

Whether you want to Believe it or not 98% of  rappers hip-hop jewelry isn’t 100% real. It’s kinda common sense just think about the real rolex that has  a couple diamonds on it and it cost $50,000 then you see some of these artist will have over 10,000 stones in their chain and there is no way in hell most of them have enough money to purchase all real diamonds they would go broke fast as hell.Diamonds are expensive.So  they take a different route and do the next best thing to save money ,but  still impress the rap world they buy custom high end jewelry that looks like it cost millions but the diamonds are really lab made diamonds , genuine cubic zirconias,or czech crystal and they look exactly like authentic diamonds.

When you got money to show and you find the right high value jewelry , it will be impossible to ever call it fake, because it will have the exact same features as real jewelry the whole purpose of the jewelry is to get people to pay attention to you and get your music. Its not like rappers walk around like yeah my chain is real trying to convince fans, fans just assume its real because they have it and its custom and it blings.Hip-hop jewelry gives you credibilty and people will respect you more.

Imagine this your at a video shoot without any jewelry on....
For starters off no one will take you serious, and they will put you in the same category as the rest of cookie cutter rappers who just rap and don’t get the marketing aspect of game.


Because when people think star rapper they instantly think fancy cars and iced out jewelry. With that being said believe it or not when you have your jewelry game on point your fanbase will grow RAPIDLY! People will look at you like your already made it in the game and you probably have some shit to talk about so they will be more likely to listen to your music.
Then what happens is fans join aboard so they can  witness your success. The funny thing is so many artist don’t have enough resources to find high quality hip hop jewelry and they assume it cost alot ,and the truth is that  high quality  hip hop jewelry isn’t expensive at all it just looks like it is and it’s definitely worth the small investment because you will reap big rewards later on and so many rappers don’t look at as a  branding tool and go without it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

All the artist in the game know about the jewelry hustle but it is something they keep within the game,and they  use the bling technique  to get their shine on and build their fanbase plus you get
a huge return, from people buying their music just because the mixtape cover is dope and they have on custom jewelry, buying tickets to their shows, etc its really a bunch a different ways to profit from it and it all boils down to the fact that hey respect their hustle all because their look and jewelry game
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