Monday, September 15, 2014

Mixtape Cover Art- The Best Graphic Designer Online

#1 Mixtape Cover Designer Online.

      Since the internet exploded it seems like everyone and there mama is either a rapper Dj, beat maker, or music graphic designer. I'm not saying anything is wrong with it, but its to the point were the bad out weigh the good lol. 

Being in the music niche for so many years I run into thousands of artist who have either been scammed online in some way shape or form, but most of the complaints that artist had were about mixtape cover designers delivering low budget graphics or they would just get the clients money and never respond back and that's some bulls**t. I can't stand a petty thief the whole goal is to network and help each other get to the next level.

So I decided to make this article to give all you independent artist,beat makers, Dj's, managers, or anyone needing music related graphics a resource that is used by me, my clients, major mixtape websites, and alot of record labels they provide high quality custom graphics.

Whether you need a mixtape cover,itunes artwork, a single cover, logo,  any custom graphics I would Mixtape Cover King. After trying over 23 different  graphic designers to create one of my artists mixtape cover a friend of mine had me check out there site and I can honestly say they have the best work I have seen online with the best prices.Alot of these sites are overpriced I feel based off of the work they provide . I mean $100 to $150 for a cookie cutter design ain't cutting it and on top of that alot of these sites have the nerve to charge you for revisions like its your fault their work is ugly!lol

At Mixtape Cover Kings  they only charge $50 for a high quality 300dbi custom mixtape cover from scratch. The artwork they provide is amazing and jaw dropping I will show you some examples in a minute. Another thing is if your trying to meet a deadline there turnaround within 24 to 48hrs and if you let them know you need it with a day they will do a rush order with no extra charge and that comes in handy. On top of that they provide free unlimited revisions with their work so once you receive the mixtape cover art if you have any changes are add ons you would like they do it no problem. You can checkout some of the work they've done for some of my artist below.



As you can see the graphics are clean Hi def and the theme fits the title. I got this cover back within 10hrs of placing my order and there was no changes needed.The designer at http://www.Mixtape Cover King is good at taking your idea and bringing it to life thru your cover art  design. 

If your looking for graphics that will attract attention to your project at an affordable rate I would recommend them hands down.You can visit there portfolio here to see other work they have done and also if you want to get a design created.


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