Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why You Need A Custom Mixtape Cover Now More Than Ever......

Your Mixtape Cover Can Make Or Break Your Project.

Everybody knows the old school saying you can't to judge a book by its cover; however, this is completely different when it comes to mixtape artwork. I’m sorry for bursting your bubble, but this no longer works in the music scene, and you got to earn anything you want to achieve. When an artist tries to pull off a mixtape cover for the first time, there is always a lot of different things going on in his/her head. Actually, recent research has it that, a lot of artists, if not all, have no idea on where to even look for a good graphic designer to create there mixtape covers. .
The mixtape cover’s appearance helps the viewer determine if they want to listen to the mixtape or not, so this is an important  step of the mixtape process that artist seem to skip over but is it something that should be taken seriously . In many cases,  the mixtape cover artwork often forms the 
first impression of a the mixtape. A bullshit cover can influence the way a fan feels about a mixtape, even before playing the first track. This can deter one from buying or listening to the mixtape in the first place just thik what goes through your mind when you see cheap ugly graphics.
So, what can you do in this situation? I know every artist doesn't have thousands to spend on aa high priced graphic designer,but thanks to the internet you can find thousands of designers.Don't get me wrong  like Meek Mill said theres different levels to this shit lol there's great there’s the average type, and then there is downright terrible. To avoid being victim of the knock off mixtape designer artists have to dig a little biit and check the designers portfolio and to see the type of designs they've created for their clients and make sure their paypal verified that way if there on some Bs you can get your money back fast. So its worth the time to  find the right graphic designer, who can produce you an impressive cover. mixtape design.
It is important for an artist to find a great mixtape cover designer,prior to releasing any music this way you won't rush to get a cover once your done recording, this will also help you out for future releases because they can be your go to guy for all your graphic design needs.

A great mixtape has the power to woo fans, and even make them like and buy your mixtape. Normally, artists spend a lot of time and resources on creating their mixtape, downright from writing down the lyrics to recording, so don't flush all your hardwork down the drain, by settling for a low quality mixtape covers. Remember you only get 1 first impression and a poor quality cover can actually hurt  your music career, and you also risk losing alot of potential fans.
 While it is critical to get an impressive mixtape cover, it is more important that you have your mixtape cover artwork designed by skilled personnel. Nowadays, music industry labels, A&R's,and fans are able to distinguish the difference between those who are committed and willing to invest in the appearance of their mixtape cover,logo,etc from those who lazily use the much-condemned MS Paint and Photoshop on their own or they get a ugly ass free cover lol.
 Which type of mixtape cover do want one that grabs attention or one thats just ok with no WoW factor? Well, if you want a unique, professional grade mixtape cover created for your next music project, at a pocket friendly price, then Mixtape Cover King is your best friend. Mixtape Cover King has state-of-art tools and techniques which will make it even easy to make you an impressive mixtape cover for all of your projects.

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