Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How To Get More LIisteners To Your Mixtape Guranteed!

We all know the music niche is hard to break into with there being so much competition,but let's not get it twisted it can be done with the right music, branding , and marketing.Nowadays the mixtape game is breaking artist and getting alot of independent artist tours with high paying shows.Its all about have a plan with every project. While  everybody's tying to get in the game thru the door you should try to go thru the window lol.

I see tons of artist with good mixtapes but they will never get to the next level because they don't understand that its more then the music when it comes to your music  all off your mixtape covers, flyer, poster, or anything with your brand on it needs to be professional everytime.In the music industry its all about look and you only get 1 first impression,but yet so many artist try to be cheap when it comes to there mixtape design or they either want a free cover and just run with whatever graphic design they get it lol to me that is mixtape suicide.Just think how you react when you go to a site like Livemixtapes or whatever mixtape site you go to when you scroll thru the music when you see a wack ass cover you don't pay it no mind or if you do its because your laughing at it lol.

 I mean think about it if a person has never met your or heard your music before they can only judge you off of what they see which will be your mixtape cover design. Your graphics should be the bait that entices the viewer to want to hear what behind the graphics because your cover should match the title of your mixtape and the theme should bring the title to life.

There are hundreds of mixtape sites online that will let you upload your mixtape so you can increase your fanbase that you should take advantage of,but the you need to make sure your mixtape graphics and everything that represents your brand is on point and just doing that will help you standout from the bunch and get more people to your music trust me.... alot of artist focus on the music and forget about the there image and branding and get a cheap ass design just so they can say they have a project out.

So what you need to do as an artist is put the same amount of energy you put into recording into planning out your designs for your mixtape covers , and mixtape marketing and I guarantee you that you will get more people to hear your music and you will increase your fanbase.

So from here on out dont only look at yourself as a musician look at your self as businessman or women.Make sure everything is professional that relates to your label and brand even if it cost you a couple of extra dollars its worth it in the long run.

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