Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why You Need A Professional Musician Bio

As a musician you are not just selling your music your selling yourself and your story also so not only does your music need reflect you,but your music bio or band bio needs to be sharp compelling and brand you professionally also.Its mandatory that you have a professionally written musician bio

Your artist bio, is NOT an autobiography talking about what school you went to or what hood your from your musician bio is a music business document. Your bio is to sell your story and yourself to your fans ,its also reeling in music business contacts you want to network with and build long term relationships with .(because your trying to turn your music into career and not a hobby aren't you?)  

Before you create your artist bio, make sure you highlight your past music success from your  background,your goals and objectives as a musician you also should highlight some key things that made you the artist you are you bio also helps create your image. For example I heard about 50 cent being shot 9 times all over the web, I know Kevin suffers from depression and has been locked up alot. You need to pull a situation your niche of music can relate to that is what makes a professional music bio, but once again, remember that your are writing your bio for  A&R's at Record Labels, Booking Agents,Bloggers,Radio Stations, Promoters,Management Contacts etc.

These are the professionals that you HAVE to network with to get your career to that next level and they are  busy individuals, and they come across hundreds wanna be starts every week so you have to make your music bio sharp, informative with quotes, and uses motivational language  that can make them want to listen to your music your bio is bait to make them want to hear or learn more about you. 

Every artist needs a professional bio it is mandatory if your trying to take your career to the next level don't kill your career before it starts by not presenting yourself the right like having grammar errors, or by not be able to express your sound and image in words. 

If you need a professional musician bio writing service  that can tell your story and make readers connect with you  I recommend checking out this site you can also checkout examples of artist bio's they've done for there clients



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