Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Promoting Your Music With Apples New Music App

Apple's New Music App For Musicians

In June of 2015 Apple announced at their annual WWDC ( Worldwide developer’s conference ) that the new IOS being IOS 9.0 will bring a new music application to the now popular iPhones, among other things apple music will allow music developers to be closer to their fans, which naturally gives numerous ways for you to promote yourself and your mixtape,mixtape covers,singles,videos or anything related to build your music care and connecting with your fans. This can be utilized in a number of ways, many of which include uploading videos for your fans.
Increase the hype!
What every fan likes is to know their favorite band or rapper more personally, this new application offers the ability for you to do just that, by uploading videos of your daily life you can use this application like a streaming service, fans will get to know you and your lifestyle, by doing this they will surely be more contacted to you and your music and by doing so you can expect a marginal increase in interest for your music and in album sales.
Keep the fans updated!
Another way to utilize new function of the iPhone is to update your fans on how is the music going, when will the next album be release or when will the next music video be released. This type of advertisement ends up to be a powerful tool of promotion for many reason.
  • YouTube – Most music videos and songs are on YouTube, and this can be quite profitable for some people, if you market your new music video or song over the Apple music application, including its release date, your new music video is bound to get a huge amount of views in short period of time, if you combine this with the idea that YouTube offers the possibility for anybody to become a partner, this can be quite lucrative. So by doing this you not only stand to gain in popularity but you can also make some money over YouTube.
Other social media
It’s not an unknown fact that a lot of musicians promote their music over the social networks such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Apple music allows any musician to increase the traffic of people through their respective pages. So the idea that you should upload videos to your fans that imply that there are some new interesting things on those pages, or that you tweeted something interesting will increase the flow of people through those pages, and as this is done you will get more attention from the public and from the people, ultimately making a name for yourself all over the internet and on the street.
If you read all the previously stated than a couple of things should be clear by now, apple music application has a lot of potential for any musician which is trying to make a name for him or herself, while all of the previously stated methods of utilizing this application have their strengths you should try to experiment with your own unique ways of marketing, maybe make the content personalized for your fans, or give a couple of shout outs to all the people that are listening to your music now. Whichever the case is and what ever method of promotion you think of while using the apple music application, you should use it in combination with other means of promoting yourself.  So feel free to promote your new mixtape cover, or to announce special events, whatever you decide to do, the sky should be the limit because it’s a new market and as such its unexploited by other musicians so the competition for the audience will be low. Needless to say that if you wish to cash in on this new form of promotion you will need to monetize it as soon as the application launches this fall.
Further monetization
Promoting your music isn’t the only thing you can do with apple music, there are numerous ways for you to make money over it as well, as we stated before there is a simple way to monetize apple music by simply promoting your YouTube videos over it, however this isn’t the only method. If you have a significant number of people watching you on apple music, you can use this to your advantage. It isn’t an unknown fact that musicians make a lot of money selling merchandise. This can be used in your advantage, simply promote something that’s unique to your music on your channel, like maybe a discount code for your T-shirts or your albums. Like before these are only a couple of ideas, and you should definitely put in the time and the effort to think this through before advancing any further, the possibility for you to promote your music and to make money exists, but it;s up to you to figure out a way that suites you the best.


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