Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Findout How You Can Get Your Music On XM Satellite Radio


Get Your Music On Satellite Radio

 1.Make sure that every song you decide to submit you have copyrights to it. You don't want to end up dropping a hit record and then not own the rights to it and some label owner steals your song.Trust me it happens so copyright your shit.

2.Become a member of BMI, OR ASCAP if you published or if you created the song. You need these performing rights companies because they track your digital plays,streams etc and they will make sure you get paid everytime your music gets played guaranteed.

3.Make sure your product you mail is packaged professionally packaged.You need an attention grabbing mixtape cover, or single cover that will make the programmers at the radio station pay attention to your project

4.Make sure your music is professionally recorded, and properly mix and mastered .Do Not I repeat Do Not submit any low quality records for example something you did in your homeboys basement just to say you have something recorded.

5.You also need a physical cd to submit to them and make sure your music has a professional high quality digital sound. Having a crisp, clear digital sound is mandatory if you want to be played on air.

6.Make sure you have an artist bio and professional pictures of you or your band.Also include all links to your social medias site and the sites where your music can be heard online  they would prefer your own website.If you have a press kit I would add that also.

7.Also make a cover letter stating this is for XM radio placement.Also include your You need to add these things and you should be good to go.Artist name Mixtape/CD title, What Genre your music is in,Record label name, what type of cut do you want for airplay and finally your management company info are your contact info on there.

Attn: Music Programming Department


1221 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10020

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