Saturday, December 27, 2014

Findout How Youtube Is Gonna F**ck Over Independent Artist

Youtube Is About To Change How Musicians Use Their Site!

We all know that YouTube helped change the music game especially for independent artist trying to get their music  the world without having major label support. It has allowed thousands of artists to be known and especially upcoming independent artists But this is all gonna come  to an end if  YouTube implements they changes intend to make. Some of your favorite videos that you watch are going to be deleted from Youtube forever if the artist doesn’t sign up for the new subscription service  in a couple of weeks to come.
YouTube is planning on changing their site and boy is it gonna put a twist on the music game.Now if you’re an independent artist you will be required to subscribe to their new subscription service in order to submit your music videos. This is because it wants to compete with everyone live streaming now in  the music industry. If you are an independent artist, it is going to be extremely hard for you to share your videos and music.Youtube which is owned by search engine giant GOOGLE has already accepted and signed the new license deal with some major labels. YouTube is also going to make some changes that will affect music listeners also.Now anytime  that someone wants to listen to music or even download a video without ads is subjected to payment even if your downloading music  to your cell phone, Ipad, or any device you use for downloading stuff from Youtube
.As an independent artist whether you have a huge following or your just starting out, Youtube isn’t giving you a choice  your only option is to sign up  with this new paid Youtube subscription program  if you want to use the Youtube platform to release  your music videos  and if you don’t they won’t let you submit any content.. The messed up thing is if  you don’t sign up and you already have content on the Youtube platform it’s going to be deleted from YouTube. 95% of the music industry has already signed the paperwork and made the new deal official, but many independent artists don’t agree with the new program and haven’t signed any contracts. The only alternative you will have  is to  host your videos on a different site which will work also, but you can’t piggyback off of all the traffic Youtube receives.According to YouTube Head of Business and Vice President Robert Kyncl. But the fact is, it is not going to be easy for them to achieve this goal and therefore they have a big responsibility to their users and Youtube has  to make sure they launch an enhanced music experience.
Everything about YouTube and the way people use it is going to change forever. There is also gonna be an ad-free subscription service that YouTube plans on putting into effect in a couple of months. The new subscription service is going to make it so you can pay a premium subscription fee and it will give you the option to skip any ads, stream artist music etc and when you want to download music from will be redirected to Music pass . This drastic change is gonna affect alot of  music comanies in this niche like ITunes ,Spotfiy,. When this policy takes affect, music from indie artists like Kevin Gates, Migos Bobby Shmurda and more  will be removed from Youtube unless they sign up for their new paid service  Also if you’re wondering what will happen to your video if you are using Vevo there won’t be any changes with those videos and they still remain playable because the licensing agreements are separate.
I can understand what Youtube is trying to do but they might be setting themselves up for failure on this one because only a small number of independent labels will agree I mean if an artist is just uploading their mixtape cover art and lyrics to a song why would you want to pay.  YouTube is well known and is the number 1 video sharing site online and with all these changes, it is going to have an affect alot of independent artists. The Worldwide Independent Network organization (WIN) is an established organization that helps in pushing businesses and accessing the market interest for independent music communities is going above and beyond to get fair deals for indie labels before their this new subscriptions services starts and they start removing indie artists music. The Organization is explaining  to YouTube how valuable independent music is  to any music streaming service . Nowadays majority artist are doing it independently and these artist have a hige loyal following and music fans also go to the site to see  there favorite independent artist not just a major artist so indie artist contribute alot of traffic to Youtube and is like there not  getting the same respect as other artist just because their not on a major label which is crazy because alot of these indie artist have a bigger more loyal fanbase then some signed artist have.So pretty much. If you’re an independent artist this could have a negative impact on your music career if  people aren’t willing to sign up and pay for the service.This might be a positive move for YouTube but again is it going to be indeed successful? So how do you feel about this new system?   Are you gonna  have an extra $200 - $400  a month to pay so you can get your videos seen because  if your an indie artist on the grind and you want to use Youtube as a marketing platform its gonna cost ya. I’m not saying its not worth it by any means because alot of artist make a good living because of Youtube but what I am saying is that it’s  the price they want to charge indie artist is BS.  and they’re dam near forcing people to join the program. When will YouTube start this new service is the question.

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