Friday, August 15, 2014

How To Get A Vevo Channel

Registering a Vevo Channel: How to Get Your Own Music Channel Easily
As a music lover, you are probably very well familiar with YouTube as a music channel.  Almost everyone today views music videos and even listens to music on the most popular video channel.  However, today, YouTube is not the best channel for aspiring artists to  focus their attention on, if you are not sure about what I am referring to, its Vevo
Isn’t Vevo just like YouTube?
No.  Vevo is not just another YouTube copycat, it describes itself as a personalized MUSIC video and MUSIC entertainment platform.  This channel has the word music appearing twice in its tagline, it is designed to provide viewers and content providers a way to share music content in more ways than offered by YouTube or any other video channel.  The channel is owned by Sony Music Entertainment, Abu Dhabi Media and universal Music Group.  The content on the channel is licensed by EMI without taking ownership stake.  Simply put, Vevo is the number one music platform on the internet now, and you need to get yourself a channel if your an artist.Where your pushing your mixtape, single, or album Vevo will get your video more exposure..
How to Get a Vevo Channel
If you need to get a channel on Vevo, you will have to go through one of the several affiliated music distribution companies As a musician, you cannot sign up directly with Vevo because it is not a free video sharing site like Google.  A good musician would instantly take this to mean Vevo is very selective in the music they broadcast, and this exclusivity is what makes it the most coveted music promotion channel on the planet.  With 80 million unique users who watch music because they want, and not because they were re-directed, Vevo should also be your ultimate online distribution and marketing resource.  The question is, how do you get there?
You will have to pay a small fee to register a Vevo account to the affiliated companies but you will get your own Vevo channel.  This means you can easily build an audience and build a reputation from a fraction of the 80 million active users on Vevo.  Once you have an account, you will be guided how to upload your music, how to use your mixtape cover to promote your music even outside Vevo and ensuring you meet the best standards of music as set by Vevo.
How will you use your Vevo account
Having a Vevo account is also the best way to network with your music fans and listen to the mixtapes made by other upcoming artists just like you.  While most of these mixtapes are always on Google, Vevo has advanced tools that helps you follow the best musicians and the quality standards set mean you will only compare yourself with the best.  Your vevo channel will be your music name, so there is no harm in starting to build a brand now.  When you pay the registration fee, it takes between two to three weeks before you can upload your videos but subsequent uploads will be much faster.
Anyone with a Vevo account, or simply the Vevo community, will be able to see your videos when they go live.  Most artists sign up and start watching music in their own genre, getting access to a databse of music from other upcoming artists and leaving as well as receiving criticism and ideas.  You can then create your own playlist, encourage other musicians to follow you and connect with artists going through the same stages of  building there brand just like you.

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