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Promote Your Music Like A Drug Dealer

Mixtape Promotion Drug Dealer Still

If you don't know the drug game is a 2.5 trillion dollar industry and growing.Yeah, I know drug dealing is against the law, but  it doesn't mean you can't learn a thing or two from how they operate their quote on quote business lol.
Here are somethings you can learn from the dope game that you can apply to your music business: 

Don’t take your product aka mixtape or single  for granted

Drug dealers  don't just get into beefs because of location. They also get into it with rival drug dealers who have a better product then they do. They understand your only as good as your product ad the person with the best product makes all the money. Plus when your product is good you do have to put alot of work into selling it because it sells itself.
How this relates to your music is:
Try to make the best mixtape or single in your niche make sure it has a catchy title and in this case also fire graphics that will make them want to purchase your product.You need a professional mixatape cover from a professional music graphic designer. Just like if you got the best dro that looks and smells good its gonna sell.So make sure your product (mixtape or single) cover art is fire and people will want to buy it. Plus when you have the best product in your market people get addicted to so give them quality hit after hit. You don't want to give your customers a shitty product because they will always be searching for better quality.  

Word of mouth  marketing

How many times have you seen a drug dealer advertise their product on t.v, a magazine, or on a billboard? Exactly you haven't! You want to know why? They know word of mouth is the best form of advertising you can get.Drug dealers know having people telling other people that you have the best product out there is the best form of marketing you can get .
How this applies to your music.
If you have a  dope product aka your mixtape or single that your target market lovers, they will  talk about it and tell all  their friends about how good it is and even share it on their social media sites which gets your product aka mixtape or single into front of more and more people.I'm not saying you shouldn't spend money promoting your music.I'm just saying  when other people cosign  for your product it increases your exposure and sales.
Giving Away Samples Of Your Product To Get People Addicted
Seriously do you really think grocery stores started the giving away free samples of your product business model? No sir! Drug dealers have been using that tactic since the beginning of time.  
Drug dealers are all about giving a free sample of their product to reel people in.They know their product is quality and once you get a sample you'll back for more and then they can start making money off of you.
How this can apply to your music:
If you want to get your mixtape out their fast and create a buzz. Take your quality product and get it out to your target market.Make sure you only give them a small sample to reel them in. You can give away a single off of your mixtape, or you can give away snippets of the songs that are on your mixtape. Then once they see your product is quality  you can charge a $1 for your future singles or $5 for the mixtape and fans won't mind spending money with you.

It's always better to be the brains of the operation instead of being the face. 

If your out all day networking, talking to venues, and promoting your music you'll never have time to focus on creating and recording hit reocords.So would you rather do the all the grunt work or would you rather have other people handle it for you?

Exactly, the smart drug dealers aren’t doing the hand to hand transactions with the users in the streets. There behind the scenes figuring out how to get the product in, how to keep a low profile, and supplying the street dealer who then do the foot work and distribute the drugs.
They also understand that hustling in the street increases your chances of getting caught and you have to do alot of small transaction which equals up to know money at all. So they just supply the dealers and sit back and stack up the money.
If you want to make it in this oversaturated music niche and get rich you can you just have to go about it drug dealer style like this....

Don't waste your time doing passing out flyers, talking to venues, posting your music on social media all day etc you need to have a team of people who handle this for your point blank period.Example Big meech had a team of hundreds of people that's how he got so rich he was the brains behind the scene he supplied the team they did the grunt work.

You need to focus on your recording hit records, dropping dope videos , and figuring out your next play your going to make to grow your brand not handing out flyers and other bs things.
You need to focus your energy and time on the harder stuff that matters. It's easier to give someone a task to do then it is to have someone come up with your overall markeitng and branding strategy.

The Everythings For Sale Motto

Drug dealers have more drive then most business owners seriously! Don't you notice how drug dealers never stop hustling? They have more upsells then Mcdonalds and they're always trying to figure out more ways to make money off their existing customers. They might have new drugs, or even a higher quality product so they say lol than what they usually have. Either way they are always trying to make more money off of you non stop They’re always trying to figure out ways to make money off of you. Whether it is selling you a better product or new drugs, they never stop selling.
So when it comes to your music and your brand handle it like a drug dealer and have everything for sale and never stop upselling your products to your existing fanbase. Just like a drug dealer keeps their ear to the streets you need to do the samething.

For example if there is a new type of shirt people are wearing start selling it and customize it with your brand or a phrase from one of your songs people like and cash in. People smoke vape pens do find a wholesaler they will customize the vape pen with your logo BOOM there is another one to cash in. I'm pretty sure you see where I'm going with this.
Whatever you do, don’t forget about upselling as it can start becoming a huge portion of your income.

The Re-Up

Drug dealers know it takes money to make money and  they will never get to Big Dog status without re investing their profits. They know if they just keep buying the same amount they will get the same results. So they reinvest more each time to get more product to make more money  thats the only way  to get to the next level and start making the real money.

You need this apply this to your music grind also. Once you start generating money from your music,shows, or merchandise don't go trick it off and celebrate with a bottle or go to the strip club. Reinvest that money into more marketing to reach more people, or buy more cd's, or merch to flip so your money keeps growing. Then rinse repeat.
It's harder to get a new customer then it is to keep an old one happy 
We all the know it's hard to get newmusic fans from other areas who haven't heard your music before. Yes, drug dealers even deal with this also, but this is why they do whatever to keep their clients happy. From giving them drugs on credit until they get more money or hooking them up with a larger amount then expected. All just to keep them happy and coming back to them. 
Your main focus shoudn't be just trying to get new fans. You should also focus on your exisitng fans and making sure they're happy and connecting with your music and brand. Your fanbase should be increasing and not decreasing. You just have to make sure your maintaining  your releatonship with your fans and giving them new content free and paid to keep them engaged.

The whole is to maximize the lifetime value of your fans and turning them into lifetime customers.

Final Conclusion

In no way shape or form was this post to make you want to become a drug dealer even though they do make alot of money it's illeagal and a dead end road. Instead  I wanted to show you marketing techniques that are proven to work for any type of business that will take your music career to the next level if you apply them.
So, what type of other marketing stratagies do you think you can learn from a drug dealer to apply to your music? Please comment below

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