Thursday, August 6, 2015

Soundcloud Tip To Get Discovered By Millions Of New Fans

 Soundcloud Promo

A standard way of promotion for any musician aside from the common social media sites  like Facebook and twitter is Reverbnation and  SoundCloud and Reverbnation sucks but that’s a whole different subject we will address another time.Soundcoud is the best music streaming site online for indie artist to use because that where all the music bloggers,promoters,and A&R’s go searching for new talent and you get tons of exposure.  
This online music streaming service has been around for a while and in that time it has accumulated a sufficient fan base that has over a million users. Music fans spend hours on Soundcloud  in an effort to find high quality artists and musicians which still have to make a name for themselves. basis.
So the next common question that any musician should ask is, how would one go about increasing the number of followers on this popular music sharing community? Aside from the most obvious methods like actually making quality music, there are a couple more way to significantly increase your fan base. I am of course talking about the usage of promo channels or getting professional SoundCloud Promotion from buying real Soundcloud plays,and followers where professional music marketers push your song thru different music platforms they work with,but today we’re going to talk about using promo channels

The power of promo channels!

Like any other marketing tool, SoundCloud promo channels are a powerful tool when utilized correctly. It won’t come as a shock when you learn that all the world famous DJ’s  like Dj Snake and Dj Mustard utilize this feature to its fullest extent. In simpler terms, SoundCloud promo channels are genre specific channels which have a combined fan base of over two million people, all of them constantly looking for high quality music.

Utilizing the Promo channels

If you start from the fact that you are actually making quality music, promo channels are the perfect place for you to start to build your fan base in on Soundcloud.Promo channels already have so many music fans that come to their pages on a daily basis it will help you climb through the rank of your desired promo channel, and with a couple of thousand or hundred views, your song and name will start popping up more frequently, needless to say that this is exactly what you and your career needs.
Another interesting fact is that a lot of now “big name” artists actually started as a small time musician on SoundCloud and SoundCloud promo channels like Fetty Wap. And by making quality music he quickly started to gain popularity with the already established and dedicated SoundCloud promo channels fan base and he got over a million views on Trap Queen before it was big to the whole world all because they were on Soundcloud looking for the next big artist to blow.
As you have probably read from the above stated, SoundCloud promotion channels can be quite a powerful method of promoting your music. As we already said they already have an established fan base which by the time you are reading this has over two million fans who want to hear good music and want you to succeed, if you manage to pull through on your end and actually satisfy their needs for good and quality music, your music career will go to new heights.

Professional Soundcloud Marketer

The other way to get your new mixtape or single on Soundcloud pushed to the world is working with a professional music marketer. When you work with a marketer they  already have music platforms setup they plug you into that fit your genre of music  that are already  generate thousands of views daily from music fans .Working with a professional music marketer isn’t expensive at all and they will know exactly what platforms they need to use to get your music maximum exposure and build you a real fan base.We have worked with several companies on Soundcloud promotion and  we recommend this site on the link they done thousands of campaigns for me and my clients.


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