Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sell Your Music Online And Keep 100 Percent Of The Sales

Huge music sales need huge steps, and what better place to distribute your music than on the greatest and most popular music download site today – iTunes. With SongCast, you can access the world’s biggest music distribution site together with other platforms like Google Play, Amazon MP3 and more. And what makes it better is that you don’t have to worry about complicated paperwork. You just create an account, upload music, and set the price.
SongCast is a public music platform that offers services that help musicians to promote and sell their work. Made for independent artists, the entire site is tailored to be easy to use and self explanatory. If you’re looking for a convenient way to earn a living through your music, an aggregator is the best option you can have.
Aggregator? That’s what SongCast is to iTunes.
You can opt to work with iTunes directly, but this process requires your full attention. You first need to send and application to Apple Inc. and if you qualify, there are several requirements you need to meet like a personal Apple ID and a registered credit card. Going further, you have to format your music files and other media according to their regulations every time you wish to sell something. Complicated, right? This is where aggregators come in.
SongCast will make sure that your music is sent to iTunes in the right format without bothering you and they also take care of uploading your artwork and logo designs. You will also receive daily trending reports to keep track of your sales. For a small service fee, you can distribute your work throughout the world within legal channels. Your music’s download route doesn’t end there. It will be distributed to its other affiliates like Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic, Amazon MP3, Google Play and Beats Music. With such accessible conditions, multiplying your music sales is definitely possible.
Aside from selling your work, you can also use SongCast’s social media marketing tools. Improve your sales with fan outreach campaigns and promotional events. You can also boost your popularity by connecting to social media websites like Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. Another approach you can use for advertising is playing your music in SongCast Radio. The channel has a solid listener base that won’t lose to mainstream radio stations. It’s all up to you how you make the most out of the tools available in the website.
While only one of several aggregators in the internet today, SongCast keeps its clients through convenient sales techniques and no-hassle profit management. All the royalties you get from your music will all be deposited in your account, no questions asked. Save yourself from distribution royalties and other similar deductions taken by your distributor.
When it comes to managing your earnings, you can just take it easy and wait for the timely accounting reports to come to your email. All reports are properly examined and certified to be accurate before your receive them. That’s a hassle free way to receive money. Compared to working individually for the likes of Amazon and Google, you don’t have to do any tedious tasks and still get the 100% of the royalties.
SongCast aims to provide the utmost assistance they can give in line with their fees and charges. With great customer service, you can focus on doing what your good at – making music.
Keep in mind that the website only does simple file conversations to match the requirements of its affiliates. They don’t interfere with the content itself. In order to ensure your success, you need to have good music also. You already have a secure place to distribute your music, so it’s your turn to respond to their efforts by uploading only the best.
If you find yourself wanting to sell your music online, visit the SongCast website today. It’s easy to start up an account. Before you realize it, you could be selling music and earning royalties along with famous musicians and artists. So do you know you have hit songs and your ready to start selling to the world? Well click the here to get signed up today.Signup to Songcast Click Here

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