Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Album Cover Maker

Just finishing up your album or got one coming out soon? Don't flush all your hard work down the down the drain by hiring some graphic designer that says hes' an album cover maker and his work looks like s**t.Excuse my language but I get offended when people when I cd terrible cd cover graphics because I know being a graphic designer that they know the work is unacceptable and there just hoping the client doesn't say anything.

When it comes to releasing your album or ep you have to find a album cover maker who is actually in the music niche they will be able to bring your cd cover design to life before someone who designs and business cards there is a whole different approach to doing music related graphics.

Most album covers have a simple, crisp,but classic look.When you work with your album cover maker they should also provide unlimited revisions with there work,so that way you the artist knows for a fact  that the designer wants to make sure you get exactly what you paid for, you'll be surprised how many designers don't give you that option.The last thing is that the album cover designer should send you 2 different files 1 for print which should be 1500x1500 in 300dbi and one for online that should be 1600x1600 which is standard on most sites and in 72dbi.

If your looking for a album cover maker that can meet all those requirements and produce you a high quality album cover Click Here

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