Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mixtape Graphics

Mixtape Graphics
   Just because someone is a graphics designer doesn't mean they can make good mixtape graphics or cd cover graphics when it come to graphics designs for music its a whole different thought process well at least for me.

I see alot of mixtape cover designs and cd cover designs nowadays that have terrible graphics on them.The sad thing is that most of these designers are just the same templates on all of there clients mixtape covers and thats just Bullshit excuse my language but honestly graphic designers that do that ruin the game for all of the real creative graphics designers like myself that makes every mixtape design from scratch and puts 100% into every project.

I'm a musician and a graphics designer so when I create my mixtape graphics or designs for cd covers I create it from a musician prospective and add my own graphics twist to it. For example if you were trying to go to the NBA and you had to choose between 2 coaches which one would you choose? Both coaches have been coaching basketball for 10 years but one of them was in the NBA for 6 years.... the one who actually played the game of course.

Mixtape Cover King goes about there process entirely different then any mixtape cover biz online. With there clients the first thing that I liked is that after payment they call you to do an order confirmation and they go over your design details to make sure everything is correct and thats big to me for the simple fact I have ordered from other mixtape design sites online and once you make the payment for a cover  you have to just sit and wait for 2 days to weeks to see if you really get your design.3 outta of the 9 sites I ordered from took over 2 months.

When you get your mixtape graphics from Mixtape Cover King they confirm your order so you know they received the payment and they have a 24 to 48hr turnaround with your mock up design.Once they give you the design if any changes are need they make unlimited changes until your 100% happy. Check out if your looking for QUALITY graphics.

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