Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mixtape Promotion

Mixtape Promotion

 Mixtape Promotion is a step alot of artist leave out after they drop their mixtape, but it is mandatory if you want to get your mixtape heard by the world. Releasing a mixtape without having any mixtape promotion is like having buying a car thinking you do have to put gas in it and its gonna go somewhere...its not gonna happen.

The whole goal after you complete your mixtape and have your cover should be mixtape promotion!

There are several mixtape websites online that get tons of traffic on a daily basis that you need to have your mixtape on that can get you tons of new fans and also can help your mixtape go viral.

We know that researching all the mixtape sites online and looking up traffic statistics and finding ot which mixtape websites have the most active members can be a can be a long process.,

So we did all the hard work for your we did over 200 hrs of research to find the top mixtapes websites/music websites site to upload your mixtape to so you can get heard.If your looking to take your mixtape promotion to the next level press play below.

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